Which points should be paid attention to in underwear OEM dressing

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-11
Exquisite dressing has always been matched and coordinated from the inside out. Although underwear is just a small piece of underwear, it can make women exude complete confidence. Women must pay attention to underwear dress etiquette. After wearing standard underwear, the body lines should be smooth and proportioned; you should not choose too tight underwear, and the flesh on the back and under the arms should not overflow. Succulent underwear makes way for sexiness: the size of bras and underwear should fit the body. It is advisable to have smooth body lines after wearing, and avoid being tied up into meat dumplings by underwear. The color of the underwear can be selected according to personal preference. Wearing underwear in workplaces and formal occasions may not be sexy, but you must pay attention to the matching of underwear and outerwear. When shopping for underwear, you should also consider avoiding underwear leakage. The choice of underwear styles For various occasions, you can choose the appropriate style for your figure to better bring out the curvaceous beauty. For daily wear, under normal circumstances, it is best to choose light, fast-drying, cool, comfortable, easy to clean, pure cotton or high-quality fiber inner underwear without steel ring. If there are obvious strangulation marks on the skin after taking off the underwear, it means that the underwear is too small, which will seriously affect the lymphatic circulation! Regardless of whether you are fat or thin in formal occasions, you generally choose shapewear with better shaping effects, which can well adjust the body. Sisters who are plump and plump can choose non-sponge full cup underwear with better air permeability; in order to avoid the traces of the fat on the abdomen and ribs, you can choose to stretch out a part of the underwear under the cup. Don't wear underwear. Don't just organize your underwear in public places. Sorting out the underwear in front of the opposite sex will make you look frivolous; sorting out the underwear in front of the elders will look uneducated; sorting out the underwear in front of the juniors will appear unrespected.
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