Which material is better for underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-29
What material should the underwear be made of? What kind of material is the healthiest? When women choose underwear, in addition to looking at the appearance, style and workmanship, there is another point to look at the fabric. Underwear should be worn close to the body every day, and underwear with good fabrics has better air permeability and moisture absorption. So, what are the fabrics of underwear now? Cotton: As a high-tech green environmental protection ecological clothing material, the cotton fiber that pops out from the cotton seeds is easy-going and easy to be dyed into various colors, and the cotton fiber is very breathable and especially sweat-absorbent, which is the main component of most underwear. material. In addition, the durability of cotton fibers is also recognized. Modal (fiber): Several brands of underwear are made of modal fiber, which has the advantage of having a silky sheen and drape, and is extremely soft. It has excellent dyeability and bright color, and remains colorful after repeated washing. hemp fiber. The hemp fibers extracted from the hemp stems have a thick texture and are prone to wrinkles, but as long as they are ironed, they will return to their original shape. The characteristics of hemp fiber are very ventilated and cool, suitable for summer wear. Lycra (fiber): Lycra is probably the most common underwear material besides cotton at present. It has the advantages of good elasticity and machine washability. Lycra-containing underwear is not only beautiful in appearance and lines are exposed, but also not easy to yellow, firm and durable, especially comfortable when worn close to the body. Now the general underwear belongs to the cotton + Lycra series. Novel fabrics: Khmer, singeing mercerized cotton, silk and other novel fabrics, compact structure, smooth like silk, soft to the touch, elastic, elegant color, crisp and comfortable, not shrinking or fading. Some high-tech elastic fabrics are extremely smooth. Silk: Silk is known as the 'queen' of textiles. The hygroscopicity and breathability of silk underwear are conducive to regulating the temperature and humidity of the human body. The touch and material are all good, no static electricity, and at the same time, it is sweat-absorbing and breathable. The only disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean. When washing, you must scrub or dry clean by hand very gently.
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