Which foreign trade underwear factory is good? Ladymate knitting facts speak

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-18
Which is the best foreign trade underwear factory? Today's Fujian inquiry customer found Ladymate Knitting, call and ask:“Do you Ladymate Knitting do foreign trade orders? How is the factory? Indeed, the global economy has slowed down in the past two years, and many buyers of foreign trade underwear always want to find underwear manufacturers that are cheap and of good quality. Therefore, which one is the best foreign trade underwear manufacturer is also a question they often have in their hearts. So are there any strong foreign trade underwear manufacturers? How to find a powerful foreign trade underwear manufacturer? There is such an underwear manufacturer, which has only focused on underwear production and processing for 17 years, and has 17 years of experience in foreign trade underwear export. Ladymate series underwear produced and processed by Ladymate knitting is exported to Japan, South Korea, Western Europe and other places all year round. The quality of the products meets the quality requirements of Japan and Western Europe. The products have passed SGS testing, Bureau Veritas testing, German Rheinland certification, etc.! Wenzhou Cangnan customer is a group company specializing in the global women's underwear trade. It has a number of subsidiary companies. In recent years, the impact of foreign trade business is also struggling to find a suitable professional foreign trade women's underwear manufacturer, and found Ladymate through the Internet and friends. knitting. Communicate with our online customer service staff of Ladymate Knitting and learn that Ladymate Knitting is a very powerful and good foreign trade underwear manufacturer. Interview customers come to the factory to meet. When customers come to the underwear factory, there is a standard workshop of more than 20,000 square meters, a clean and tidy production environment, and a variety of underwear exhibition halls of nearly 1,000 square meters, divided into spring and summer exhibition halls and autumn and winter exhibition halls, some fashionable and trendy. Lingerie style, like a work of art beckons to customers. Coming here, the customer was frightened, gave a thumbs up, and asked:“Foreign trade underwear manufacturers are among the best among such foreign trade underwear manufacturers, right? Indeed, the underwear factory Ladymate Knitting has only focused on one thing for 17 years, that is, underwear research and development, and not much production and processing. And Ladymate knitting is a professional underwear factory that makes underwear products with cultural content, quality, and health and fashion trends. Which is the best foreign trade underwear factory? Come and see Ladymate Knitting, a 17-year underwear factory, a class A enterprise, 350 employees, more than 330 imported equipment, assembly line operations, daily output of 60,000 pieces, support samples, customized drawings, or underwear factory selection , Professional designer, only 7 days for proofing, 15-25 days for mass production, professional service team, direct management of underwear factory owner, really solve all your troubles for you underwear manufacturer. Ladymate Knitting is a manufacturer specializing in underwear, with 17 years of experience in foreign trade and domestic sales. The factory has passed Wal-Mart factory inspection, BSCI factory inspection, German Rheinland certification, ISO9001 certification! Because of focus, so professional! Which is the best foreign trade underwear factory? Ladymate Knitting welcomes your inquiries: () Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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