Which factory is the most professional in the processing of bottoming shirts in autumn?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-22
It's autumn and winter, and it's the season of hot-selling bottoming shirts again. Many people are also looking for autumn bottoming shirts processing factories. Naturally, they also hope to find a professional autumn bottoming shirt processing factory. , The light textile industry has developed and gathered various factories, among which it is famous for the production of knitted autumn bottoming shirts, coupled with the popularity of the international trade city, so more and more customers will choose to process autumn bottoming shirts, then Which factory is the most professional for the processing of bottoming shirts in autumn? Let’s see how an autumn bottoming shirt factory is. In the past, people would choose to go to the trade city to visit the market. Through the glass wall, they felt similar to the clothes they wanted to make. The autumn bottoming shirt processing factory is not professional. Many people choose to search for this autumn bottoming shirt processing factory on the Internet first, to understand the display situation of the factory, and then generally judge whether this factory is the same as what they want to find based on customer reputation. match. Smart autumn bottoming shirt processing manufacturers will display some information about the scale and strength of the factory, customer cases, certificates, etc. on the Internet to make customers believe. Through communication and understanding with online customer service personnel, and then by sending samples of clothes, proofing confirmation, then negotiating cooperation, and then going to the factory for on-the-spot inspection to understand each other's matching needs. So which factory is the most professional in processing autumn bottoming shirts? When it comes to factories that process autumn bottoming shirts, of course, Ladymate Knitting is the first choice. Ladymate Knitting is located on the beautiful Niansanli River. It is a standard factory with an area of ​​nearly 20,000 square meters, 350 employees, and more than 330 imported machines and equipment. 7 senior designers with 18 years of experience in underwear design. At this time, 8-10 new autumn bottoming shirts are launched every day, and they have their own brands.“Ladymate, a famous brand in Jinhua City, has 17 years of experience in custom processing and foreign trade export of knitted autumn bottoming shirts, and 20 years of experience in the industry! It can be customized by OEM, and has cooperated with Walmart and other well-known brands in OEM processing. Factory through Wal-Mart factory inspection, BSCI factory inspection, German Rheinland certification, ISO9001 certification! Products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Western Europe and other places all year round, and the product quality meets the quality requirements of Japan and Western Europe! Which factory is the most professional in the processing of bottoming shirts in autumn? Of course, the underwear factory Ladymate knitted it! () Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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