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by:LADYMATE     2022-02-17
Bodywear Customized Manufacturers Adjustable Underwear Factory The beauty salon body-adjustable underwear produced by the factory is a new type of underwear developed based on medicine, aesthetics, fats, ergonomics and professional underwear design. After precise calculation and design, it can maintain and adjust the body, concentrate and fix the fat, and correct the spine and correct the posture. The difference from ordinary underwear is that ordinary underwear only wears your original body shape, while adjustable underwear can Do touch-ups for people with unsatisfactory figures, and make people with ideal figures continue to maintain their beautiful figures. According to the function, the back U-shaped cut prevents the shoulder strap from sliding down. Distinguish from ordinary underwear: There are two to three vertical strips on both sides of the underwear in the beauty salon Bodysuit adjustment type underwear, which can be effectively gathered and adjusted. The adjustable underwear factory is designed and built according to the human body characteristics according to the principles of human aesthetics, ergonomics, mechanics, and anatomy. The multi-dimensional cutting shows humanity. The high-elastic ultra-fine mesh fabric incorporates nanomaterials and infrared technology to make the products comfortable Breathable, body sculpting, health care and antibacterial features. Locate and lock the lost, displaced, and sagging fat, correctly guide the growth direction of fat, strengthen the sweating effect, promote blood circulation, activate fat cells, accelerate the stimulation of fat fluidity, and soften fat. Achieve the effect of preventing body deformation and delaying body aging, and the deformed body can also be repaired in a standardized manner. Principle of Adjustable Underwear-Fat Displacement. In terms of ergonomics, especially for women with fatter areas, fat is movable. Therefore, after wearing the correct adjustment bra for a period of time, if the body shape also has this phenomenon but the weight does not change, this situation is typical The fat shift. For women's body contouring requirements in beauty salons, adjustable underwear can better meet the needs of women. Correct underwear wear can make the breast shape more beautiful, and can also guide the normal development of the protective skeleton and prevent the skeleton from bending. In foreign countries, when girls are developing, the first gift their parents give to their children is often adjustable underwear! You must know that this is very important to the development of a child's life, and it can even be said that it affects the destiny and life-long happiness of the child!
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