Whether shapewear is useful or not, let's take a look at customer feedback

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-01
In fact, shapewear is a body management tool, which can restore a person's original body curve and tap the maximum potential of the human body. In my opinion, choosing the right shapewear should do more good than bad. I am also wearing shapewear myself. Of course, the main purpose of shapewear is to shape the body. The shapewear I wear is called Fan Yiman shapewear. to the effect of stovepipe. Another great thing is its chest and hip lift design, which fully considers the chest curve, waist curve and hip curve, and the body shaping effect is really not mentioned. But I wear shapewear mainly to control my appetite (hahahaha, this is a very different purpose) because shapewear has the effect of absorbing the stomach. Every time I eat something delicious, I can’t help but eat it. It’s uncomfortable, and it’s easy to gain weight. Wearing shapewear will give you a just right fit, giving you the illusion of “a small stomach, I can’t eat it anymore”, which is quite useful to me.
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