Where to find sports underwear manufacturers for OEM processing, Ladymate knitting is the choice you can't miss

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-10
Where to find sports underwear manufacturers for processing, Ladymate knitting is the choice you can't miss. Sports underwear is designed for the characteristics of people when they are exercising. It is light, breathable, comfortable, suitable for sports stretching and support, and can be better Protect chest safety during sports to meet people's daily movements. There are also many manufacturers of sports bras, and consumers can choose from a variety of styles, but do you really know what sports bras are suitable for you to wear? Many people cannot give the correct answer. Are sports bras good? This depends on how you look at it. From a functional point of view, sports underwear is a specially designed underwear that is convenient for women to wear to protect the chest when they are engaged in various sports activities or fitness and yoga. It has the functions of anti-vibration and sweat absorption. On the one hand, the shape underwear can fix the chest to avoid excessive vibration affecting the appearance and cause embarrassment, and also avoid the chest hindering the movement. Sweat is unavoidable when exercising, and sweat soaking through underwear is unsightly, so the biggest feature of sports underwear is sweat absorption, ventilation, dehumidification, and deodorization, so the fabrics generally selected are mainly pure cotton. Generally speaking, sports underwear has better elasticity, which is conducive to the movement and stretching of the limbs of the body. Not necessarily suitable in terms of appearance and comfort. Can sports bras be worn on a regular basis? Yes, but long-term wear is not recommended. Sports underwear is usually worn on sports occasions. In addition, sports underwear also needs to be washed and changed for a long time, so as to prevent sweat from invading the inner part of the underwear, damaging the fabric and shortening the lifespan. In addition, the design of sports underwear emphasizes the function of sports, so in terms of body sculpting, it is not as good as push-up underwear or body sculpting underwear that can show the beauty of women's curves. Therefore, it is not suitable to wear sports underwear as an outerwear or wear it with a jacket as underwear. It is stronger than ordinary bras and minimizes the movement of the chest during exercise, so there will be some discomfort. Therefore, when we choose sports underwear, we mainly consider its support rather than its appearance, and its function is greater than its appearance. How to choose sports underwear? Choose different underwear according to different exercise intensity. The impact force and flexibility are different. Fitness, yoga, hiking, running, tennis, football, etc. consider the stress on the shoulders and the pressure on the chest. Considering different shoulder straps, back buckles, etc. is not only in terms of aesthetics, but more importantly, its protective effect. When buying, it is best to try it on in order to choose a sports bra that fits well. Too large or too wide will not have the proper protective effect. If it is too tight or too small, it will compress the chest, which will seriously cause inconvenience of blood circulation and endanger the health of the body. The above are some small suggestions and understandings about sports underwear. I hope that the majority of female consumers can use it as a reference when choosing the products of sports underwear manufacturers, and hope to help you choose the right sports underwear. Editor in charge of this article Ladymate Knitting (Ladymate Knitting),
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