Where is the way out for the low price and low price of underwear processing? The garment factory said this

by:LADYMATE     2022-09-01
Two days ago, she received an inquiry from a Hong Kong customer. She said that she found our Ladymate knitted underwear factory through the Internet through the introduction of a friend. She also saw the ladies underwear products we displayed on the Internet. She felt very good, let us find some such as I quoted her for women's underwear. When we made the quotation to her, she was very surprised and asked why it was so expensive? Our quotation is about 7 yuan according to the ex-factory price of the underwear factory. How can a pair of knitted women's underwear be expensive at about 7 yuan? She told us that she had been working with the underwear processing factory she found in Guangzhou for more than 10 years. There are two models that have been made without any changes. Basically, the price was about 2.5-3.5 yuan 10 years ago. Coupled with the new technology, these two models are not very easy to sell. I want to find some new styles of women's underwear to process. I heard from a friend that the underwear factory is not bad, so I found us.…… Today, there are still many customers who only care about the price when they find underwear manufacturers. They have always emphasized that only when the price is low enough to talk about other things. In fact, think about it carefully. Nowadays, raw materials, labor costs, water and electricity rents, etc. have been rising, and the quality of products is getting better and better, and prices will naturally rise. Is there any market for blindly demanding low prices? The underwear factory Ladymate Knitting, a manufacturer specializing in underwear for 17 years, thinks so. In the past, the era of relying solely on quantity and grabbing the market with low prices has long since passed. Over the years, many underwear manufacturers are also accelerating their transformation, starting from the past that only focused on quantity and began to focus on quality and quality. The style came up and began to pay attention to the customer's experience. Today, consumers do not require women's underwear products to be as cheap as possible. Consumers care more about their own experience, whether the materials are safe and environmentally friendly, whether the styles are novel, and how comfortable they are.……The product requirements that each of us pursue is value for money, even value for money, not the cheaper the better. Cheap and inferior products can temporarily deceive consumers. Domestic underwear manufacturers and brands will cause a fatal blow. The same low price and low market will also be a market disruption to the entire underwear processing industry. In the past two years, many underwear manufacturers, especially those engaged in the processing of underwear for foreign trade, have called the benefits of declining orders. In order to grab orders, some underwear manufacturers have completely disregarded the quality assurance of underwear, and took orders for the sake of receiving orders. The order is done, in the end? Maybe linger for a while. However, most underwear manufacturers will not lower their quality requirements in order to get orders at low prices. The underwear factory Ladymate knitting has been a manufacturer of underwear for 17 years, and resolutely said that some disregard the quality requirements and only require customized leather goods at low prices“Do not! Our Ladymate Knitted Underwear Factory is positioned as the production and processing of middle and high-end ladies underwear. For the same price, we ask for better quality than others; for the same quality, our price is more advantageous than others. Integrity management. Because of this, Ladymate Knitted Underwear Factory has seen a significant increase in the number of orders in the past two years, and the orders from last year have already been placed after April of next year! Therefore, regarding the low price and low price of underwear processing, the underwear factory Ladymate Knitting firmly said“NO!Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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