Where are most of the underwear manufacturers concentrated

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-02
1. Shantou. In the entire Chinese market, more than half of the bodywear OEMs are produced here. The underwear produced here is generally of two grades, and the circulation products and third-line brand underwear are almost concentrated here. Home furnishings are also mainly produced here. 2. Shenzhen. Most of the underwear factories in Shenzhen are mainly for export processing and OEM. The factories are relatively large and the output is very huge. There are relatively few factories for domestic brands. 3. Dongguan. The situation is similar to Shenzhen. 4. South China Sea. Nanhai District of Shantou, especially Yanbu Town in Nanhai, is the production center of China's second-tier brands, and many second-tier brands have been cultivated here. 5. Zhongshan. China's men's and women's underwear production base in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, where most of China's boxed men's and women's underwear are produced here, and major brands also invite factories to process and OEM for them. There are also many well-known underwear brands here. There are also well-known bra brands and home furnishing brands. In addition to this, there are also a number of factories in Zhongshan that make products and processes. The output is very huge. There are also many underwear factories with a monthly output of 5 million. 6. East China. The Zhejiang-Zhejiang area is represented by Yiwu, which produces seamless underwear. The underwear brand represented by Zhejiang is Yaqian, which has developed quite well in recent years. There are also some underwear factories in Shanghai and Jiangsu, but the scale and supporting facilities are not as mature as those in Guangdong. 7. North China. The representative regions are Beijing and Dalian, where a famous enterprise was born. The development situation is similar to that of East China.
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