What will happen to the recent big industry trend of body sculpture clothing investment joining?

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-13
At present, it is the small and medium-sized brands that join the decline in body sculpture clothing investment, this big belly, and the end of the manufacturing industry, there is no change. What do OEMs need to be wary of? I would like to give a few words of advice to OEM companies: The first is that since you choose OEM business, you must give up the dream of the brand. It must not be one-minded and two-purpose. Many underwear brand companies are very taboo at both ends of your first mouse. Either they do not cooperate with you, or cooperate with more prevention, which will ultimately harm you. Although you have cooperated with a big brand, it does not mean that you understand the operation of a big brand. These are two very different gaps. Second, OEMs can only get bigger and bigger. In the future, small and medium-sized OEMs must die. At present, they are making money flexibly, but there is no way to survive in the future. Because the essence of OEM is the bigger and more standard, the bigger the better the quality control, the bigger the profit, the bigger the customer, the more assured. Since we are going to be OEM, bigger is the only option. Third, standardization and standardization are the keys to the success of OEMs. Blindly expand without standardization, so it will die faster. Not every OEM can survive. Simple and big is useless. Standardization and scientification are the essence of OEM. Underwear processing. Fourth, OEM companies must study ODM and IDM models. Pure OEMs are worthless if they encounter innovation and subversion. Only proactive design innovation can be more attractive to brand companies and have more lasting power.
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