What type of body shaping underwear is suitable for summer?

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-04
Wearing shapewear at this temperature in summer, the fear is that the fabric has poor ventilation effect. Wearing such shapewear on the body is really a kind of pressure. Not only will it be annoying, but it is also very likely that sweat will be discharged. On, causing peculiar smell. Therefore, the fabric regulations for the shapewear worn in summer should be given priority consideration. It should be cool and ensure the actual effect of slimming. And such fabrics are generally not cost-effective. When buying, go to the well-known brand of Ladymate clothing. More reliable. To wear shapewear in summer, in addition to considering the fabric, there are also certain regulations for the actual effect of matching. It is recommended to choose a lightweight styling category, which can have a slight practical effect of self-cultivation and will not wear too exposed. For example, the Ladymate dress with soft lace edges is more suitable for summer wear. If you have a large body, you must adjust it in multiple directions. You can try to lightly plasticize thick one-piece underwear without a cup with lace edges. The blended fabric is relatively light and has moderate elasticity. It can lift the breasts and reduce the underarm breasts, tighten the waist and thin. The waist hides the fleshy effect of the inner thighs, and wears a stronger body shape; the polka dot skirt jacquard jacquard mesh surface layer plus beautiful jacquard lace edges, hierarchical three-dimensional style, beautiful and elegant matching jacket, can make your clothes wear It's even more shocking. Ladymate's refreshing and beautiful plastic one-piece boxer bodysuit has the actual effect of shaping, comfortable and breathable, and looks very easy to match. Compared with the shapewear of other materials, the skin powder and color of this dress pants are all Gray-purple, the overall use of non-overlock fabrics, the refreshing feeling is obvious, the position under the armpits, the skin and the thigh circumference are more comfortable than wearing other materials. Of course, there is no trace of matching jackets. If only part of the shape is required, wear a split camisole camisole to make your body more gentle and comfortable. Ladymate clothing lace edge light plastic 3/4 no Torong Heng mold cup camisole underwear bra and light plastic Mid-waist boxer briefs can be considered. The transparent jacquard lace mesh fabric on the cup noodles and the bowl mouth enhances the diversity and high side ratio, which can very well gather the meat under the armpits. It is refreshing and comfortable. In addition, it has a touch of sexy and charming. If the legs are thick, you should choose longer body shaping pants. High-waist shaping pants like Ladymate clothing refreshing and slimming high-waist shaping pants are very good. High-waist slimming, even the waist and abdomen with the thigh root meat can be Help you to adjust in time, wear a solid and pretty buttocks, the legs are not overlocked, and of course, the inside is comfortable. Although it is an emergency wear, you decide to buy it now, or you have to comprehensively consider your own body characteristics and matching preferences, and choose a more suitable shapewear style, so that you will truly find that you like the shapewear!
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