What to do if you have a bad figure, but you want the perfect wedding

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-01
It may be because the wedding dress is so beautiful that people pay more attention to the bride's figure rather than the wedding itself, which also leads to losing weight before marriage as one of the most concerned issues for the bride-to-be. But there is a cruel statistic circulating in the bridal circle: only 17% of brides succeed in losing weight before marriage. Most brides leave 'regrets' about their figure at their wedding. Many women are working and preparing to get married at the same time, which is really hard. If the wedding is held in spring and winter, and it is easy to gain weight in autumn and winter, it becomes more difficult to improve your figure! Therefore, many 'obese families' do not take care of their bodies before marriage at all, but wait until the wedding day to violently 'compress' themselves into a beautiful wedding dress with a small corset. The result is doomed to disappointment. Wearing a corset like this will not only make you slimmer, but it can also backfire, allowing the body to run out of the shapewear and destroying the beauty of the overall look. The most important point is that the wedding is busy from morning till night. If a person does not usually wear a corset, it is difficult to adapt to wearing a super corset for more than ten hours. The whole person can become depressed, depressed, nauseous, lack of appetite, anxious and cranky… any of these situations can ruin a wedding. For best results on your wedding day, two bras are needed. One is comfortable. You can start wearing them a few months before your wedding. In addition to adapting to the feeling of tightness and restraint in advance, you can also lose weight and improve your posture. Another shape-conscious one to wear on your wedding day.
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