What styles and fabrics to wear in summer bras are not hot?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-23
What kind of bra is not hot to wear in summer? In summer, you sweat a lot. If you want to wear a bra not to be hot, you need to pay attention to the material and size of the bra. So what kind of bra is not hot to wear in summer? The following Shantou Ladymate Apparel-underwear custom manufacturer and Bodysuit custom editor will introduce you to some tips for buying bras in summer.  What kind of bra is not hot to wear in summer?   Different seasons should choose to wear bras of different materials. The summer is hot and sweaty. It is advisable to wear a pure cotton or pure cotton bra to reduce skin irritation; in spring and autumn, it is not cold or hot, you can choose to wear a polyester transparent bra; as for the winter, the weather is relatively cold, which is more suitable for wearing A thicker bra lined with sponge or resin.   Undoubtedly, the best fabric for underwear bras is made of natural fabrics such as pure cotton or silk. If you want to choose a bra with good texture and breathability, choose cotton and the price is reasonable. Other synthetic fiber fabrics, such as nylon, polyester, etc., are not as hygroscopic as pure cotton, and may even cause allergic reactions. Choosing the color of underwear is mainly based on personal preference, but it is not good to choose any color, because some dyes are harmful. Darker underwear bras use more dyes, so they are also harmful to the body. Some! Therefore, you should try to choose lighter or solid-colored underwear, and try to avoid darker and coated underwear bras!    Summer clothes are thinner, and the color of underwear should match the color of the outerwear, such as wearing light-colored outerwear. When choosing a safe color coat such as white or flesh color. If the outer clothing is tighter, wear non-marking underwear. When exercising, you should choose special sports underwear, but you must try it on to see if it is suitable before buying. Because sports underwear emphasizes sports functions and does not emphasize curvaceousness, it is necessary to change back to ordinary underwear in time after exercise.   In summer, the choice of bra should be based on the principle that it can support and not oppress the breasts. However, many women pursue sexiness, highlight their cleavage, and wear bras that are too tight, which will oppress the breasts, affect lymphatic reflux, and increase the risk of breast hyperplasia. It is recommended that women wear underwear correctly.  How to judge whether a bra fits, the basic criterion is wearing comfort. The upper and lower muscles of the unfitting bra are squeezed, or the lower part is too loose. Raising your arms and shaking the lower part of the bra will follow the movement, the shoulder straps will be tight or slip off, and the center of the bra cannot be flat against the sternum. A well-fitting bra should be located around the chest cavity, just below the breast line, and the back should not be loose or tight, and there will be no strangulation.   If the breasts are small, it is better to wear a 3/4 cup with underwire bra, and all the fat around the breasts is concentrated into the cup, which will have a visually enlarged effect. If you belong to the type with a thin body and not much fat, you can choose padded underwear, which will have a good effect.   If you have plump breasts but you have the trouble of expanding your breasts, you should choose a 3/4 cup back button bra with the effect of concentrating the peaks and stiffening. A 3/4 cup bra can make the chest shape more three-dimensional. Choose a style with beveled edges on both sides of the chest and strengthened layering to increase the resistance to external expansion and make the chest shape more perfect. And it is not advisable to wear a strapless bra for a long time, so as not to expand the breast shape.   The production of auxiliary milk is mostly caused by overweight body shape or wearing the wrong underwear. Some women wear a bra that is smaller than their breasts, which will push the part of the fat that cannot fit into the cup to the armpits, forming accessory breasts. In order to avoid the production of auxiliary breasts, choose a 3/4 cup bra with bevel cut on both sides of the chest. If the breasts are too large, wear a full cup bra that gathers the fat under the armpits.   You must wash your new bra with clean water first. This is because a variety of chemical additives are often used in the production process of clothing for aesthetics. Do not wear a bra overnight when you go to bed at night, which is conducive to breathing, breast blood circulation and smooth mammary ducts.  Summer invisible bras should not be worn for a long time  The hot-selling invisible bras are also called self-adhesive bras and breast enhancement stickers. The cups are divided into two layers. The inner layer is sticky close to the skin, and the outer layer is made of silicone and cloth. In order to make the chest line beautiful, many invisible bras have a certain thickness. In the case of the human body sweating a lot in summer, this kind of bra in close contact with the skin makes the sweat less volatile, resulting in higher local skin temperature. Under the stimulation of sweat, the skin is prone to redness, swelling, itching and other symptoms.  Although the invisible bra can eliminate some embarrassment of the shoulder strap slipping, after 6 hours of continuous use, the cup will lose viscosity and slip off and degummed due to a lot of sweating locally. Therefore, the invisible bra is not suitable for long-term use. In addition, before wearing an invisible bra, test whether your skin is allergic to the glue on the inner side. If you have an allergic reaction, you must change it in time. Women who are breastfeeding and obese or sweaty should not use invisible bras.  Do not use detergent for cleaning invisible bras. After washing, it should be dried in the shade, and must not be exposed to the sun, so as not to damage the adhesive layer and lose its viscosity. If you feel skin discomfort after wearing it, you should change it in time and go to the hospital as soon as possible. Don't take medicine casually by yourself, so as not to delay or aggravate the condition.
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