What shapewear to wear in summer

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-01
Wearing a shapewear in summer weather, the most fearful thing is that the fabric is not breathable. Wearing that kind of shapewear on the body is simply a burden. It will not only make people feel suffocated, but also may not be able to discharge sweat, resulting in odor. Therefore, the requirements for the fabrics of the shapewear worn in summer should be given priority. It should be cool and ensure the body shaping effect. Moreover, such fabrics are generally not cheap. It is more reliable to go straight to the big brand Fan Yiman when purchasing. . When wearing shapewear in summer, in addition to considering the fabric, there are also certain requirements for the matching effect. We recommend choosing a lightweight shaping piece that will give you a slightly slim fit without being too revealing. For example, the light series of Fanyiman lace is more suitable for summer wear. If you have a larger body and need all-round adjustment, you can try the Mulan lace light plastic thick one-piece bra without cups. The blended fabric is relatively light and thin, with moderate elasticity, which can lift the chest and breasts, tighten the waist and raise the buttocks, hide The effect of the fat at the root of the thighs can make you look better; the polka-dot jacquard mesh surface is matched with beautiful jacquard lace, the layers are three-dimensional, and the outerwear is exquisite and beautiful, which can make your dress more amazing. Fan Yiman cool and beautiful plastic one-piece boxer bodysuit also has a shaping effect, is comfortable and breathable, and looks easy to match. Compared with other body shapers, the skin powder and color of this dress are gray. Purple, the overall use of non-lock fabrics, the cool feeling is obvious, the underarms, beautiful back and leg circumferences are more comfortable than wearing shapewear of other materials, and the outerwear is naturally seamless. If you only need partial shaping, you can wear a split tank top to make your body lighter and more comfortable. Fanyiman lace light plastic 3/4 medium thickness mold cup tank top bra and light plastic mid-waist boxer can be considered . The cup surface and the bowl mouth are spliced ​​with a transparent jacquard lace mesh fabric, which enhances tolerance and has a high side ratio. If you have a lot of flesh on your legs, it’s best to choose longer body-shaping pants. High-waist body-sculpting pants like Fan Yiman’s cool body high-waist body-sculpting pants are very good. Adjust it in place, wear the effect of firm buttocks, the legs are not locked, and the bottoming is comfortable and natural. Although it is for emergency wear, since you decide to buy it, you still have to consider your body characteristics and matching preferences, and choose a more suitable style of shapewear, so that you will really find that you like shapewear!
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