What is the role of girls wearing bras?

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-15
How old does it take for girls to start wearing bras? Let’s take a look with Shantou Ladymate apparel-underwear processing and production, undergarment OEM customization, and body-sculpting underwear customization manufacturers: Generally speaking, it is more appropriate for women to start wearing bras when breast development has been basically completed. If the little girl who has just entered puberty wears the upper chest, it will affect the normal development of the breast.   Girls are generally around 17 years old and can choose a bra that suits them with the help of their parents. But because some girls develop early and some develop late, it depends on the actual situation. When a girl's breasts mature, she should wear a bra. First of all, it can reflect the unique curvaceous beauty of women. More importantly, wearing a bra has five major benefits:   1. The bra can play a role in supporting and supporting the breast, which is conducive to the blood circulation of the breast. For the parturient, it is not only It can increase the amount of milk, and can also avoid mastitis caused by stasis of milk.  2. The bra can protect the nipples from scratches and bumps.   3. Protect the breasts and avoid sagging.  4. Reduce the vibration of breasts during exercise and running.   5. In winter, it can prevent the cold wind from penetrating into the skin and getting cold.   It can be seen that there are many benefits of wearing a bra, not just for the beauty of the body. Every woman should develop the habit of wearing a bra every day except when her breasts are basically shaped during puberty. As the season changes, bra fabrics should be 'updated' in a timely manner. If you sweat more in summer, you should wear a bra made of pure cotton, bleached cloth or poplin cloth. You can wear a bra made of polyester fabric in the spring and autumn. It is advisable to wear thicker or sponge-containing bras in winter. When sleeping, you should loosen the bra or take off the bra before going to sleep, so as to avoid discomfort caused by continuous compression of the chest, and it is also conducive to breathing and blood circulation at night.   Choose the size of the bra to match the bust circumference. In this way, you will feel comfortable after wearing it. The bra is too large to support the breasts; too small will compress the breasts, not only feel uncomfortable, but also hinder breast development. The vitality of the    bra lies in its bottom line. It allows the breasts to be lifted up under the support of the bra, so that girls will not cause the breasts to sag or loosen due to aging or other factors. If the size of the bottom line is too large, it will not have the proper supporting function; if it is too small, it will make the chest unsightly and unable to move normally.
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