What is the process of Su muscle dispensing underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-20
​ The process of undergarment dispensing for prime muscle includes the following steps: 1) Prepare two matching upper garment pieces 4 and lower garment pieces 5, draw the outline of the breathable cotton bowl 2 on the upper garment piece 4, and place them accordingly; 2) Finish 3) Complete the dispensing work of the glue point 302 on the bottom of the center column, and complete the dispensing work of the side piece 102 and the bottom piece 105 along the drawn outline; 3) Complete the dispensing work of the glue point 304 on the center column, and put the breathable cotton bowl 2 Put in;​ 4) Complete the dispensing work in the area of ​​the hanging piece 103 from the center column 101 to the outside along the drawn contour line; 5) Cut the underwear along the outer contour; 6) Focus on the bottom corner fastening glue Point 301, side corner fastening glue point 303, sling lower glue point 306, and sling upper glue point 305 perform rounded rectangular glue dispensing work.
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