What is the principle of shapewear? What are the benefits of wearing shapewear?

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-15
1. What is the principle of shapewear? Women’s fat can flow. The design of the beautiful carving suit is based on this principle, condensing the gold that human beings should have in structural mechanics, ergonomics, new material science, aesthetics, fat free science, and women’s bodies in different periods. Designed in proportion, she can guide the growth of fat, return the lost, displaced, and sagging fats, strengthen the sweating, massage effect, promote blood circulation, activate fat cells, help lymphatic detoxification, burn fat, and decompose. , Disappear, long-term wearing can make the fat in the body exist reasonably, and distribute it according to the 'golden ratio' of the body in a balanced manner. The deformed body can be repaired in a standardized manner, so as to reshape the healthy and charming three-circle curve and make the body beautiful. The effect that can be maintained for life. 2. What are the benefits of wearing shapewear? (1) Wearing body carving clothes is a fashionable trend. Women in France, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and other places do not wear shapewear when they go to work or go out on the street. According to statistics, 70% of women in France and Hong Kong wear shapewear for a long time. With the improvement of Chinese women's living standards and the gradual emphasis on body beauty, the shapewear that can reshape the body measurement and body practice is the new trend of body beauty in the 21st century after the craze for weight loss. (2) Wearing body carving clothes is a healthy demand. When women reach the age of 25, due to the accumulation and sagging of fat, the secondary sexual characteristics of women are gradually weakening. Our face and body are also slowly aging, leading to the occurrence of various diseases. Wearing body sculptures The fat can be drained and positioned so that the fat is distributed reasonably. At the same time, due to the special material of the product, the added technological elements can enhance the body's immune function, play a special function of health care, strengthening of the body, and disease prevention. (3) Wearing body sculptures can satisfy women's needs for their own beauty. Everyone has a heart for beauty. A good body shape determines her temperament. We not only want the beauty of the soul, but also the appearance that is not easy to ignore. Body sculpture not only brings us a beautiful and beautiful body, but also brings us confidence. , Youth, vitality, health, make your life more beautiful, self-confidence and beauty complement each other. ?
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