What is the effect of wearing shapewear

by:LADYMATE     2022-07-27
Wearing shapewear can have an immediate effect, but it is only effective when you wear it, and it is not effective when you take it off. It is a bit similar to high heels. The principle of the shapewear is designed according to the 'liquid fat movement principle'. In simple terms, the shapewear is to make the body curve perfect by pushing the fat, but the slim figure created is only temporary and cannot really reduce the body. Fat. Just as we inhale and tighten our abdomens and push up our chests in order to show our figure, shapewear helps us tighten our abdomens and push up our chests through the action of external forces. It is more suitable for wearing on special occasions or special needs, giving people a feeling of 'suddenly thin'. It is not recommended to wear shapewear for a long time. Just like wearing high heels for a long time will damage the feet, wearing shapewear for a long time will also damage the body and affect the blood circulation of the human body. The local metabolism of the human body will also be slowed down. will further decline, and the stability of the joint will also decline. Of course, women who love beauty must have a body shaper in case they need it, but the shapewear on the market is mixed, with a dazzling variety of styles and materials, and the price ranges from dozens to thousands. How to choose the right one for you What about shapewear? According to the following 3 aspects, choose the style according to your own body characteristics; choose the material according to the expected body sculpting effect; choose the design according to the price; there are three main body characteristics, the torso type, the chest problem, the waist and the lower body, and the lower body. Choose the material according to the expected body sculpting effect, This is not difficult to understand. There are many materials of shapewear, which can be simply understood as the pressure of shapewear. Some shapewear is very hard and very hard, and the body shaping effect is particularly good, but it is very uncomfortable to wear; some shapewear is comfortable to wear. But the body sculpting effect is not ideal. In order to achieve a good balance of comfortable wearing and body sculpting effect, it is necessary to choose the best elastic and breathable material among many materials.
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