What is the difference between the front buckle and the back buckle of underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-19
When it comes to girls’ underwear, the traditional styles are usually back buckle styles, but with the development of fashion, the front buckle underwear styles have been popular with girls. In addition to the fresh styles and personality, the front buckles and What are the differences in the back buckle underwear? The following Ladymate clothing-high-end underwear custom manufacturers come to chat with you: 1. Wear and take off the front button underwear seems to be welcomed by many lazy girls including small clothes, especially in the cold winter, front button underwear As long as I unbuttoned my chest before going to bed, I was completely relaxed, and the next morning was even more blissful. I no longer need to shiver and take off my underwear. But the back buckle underwear also has its own advantages, that is, the back buckle can better adjust the chest shape, and the sense of security is far better than the front buckle underwear. 2. Weight-bearing capacity Generally speaking, the load-bearing capacity of back buckle underwear is better, because the shoulder straps and back buckles are adjusted to the appropriate ratio of Z, and the weight of the chest is distributed to the shoulders, so the back buckle underwear has the anti-sagging function Also better. The front button underwear, because buttons are also designed on the chest, the load bearing at the button connection will be looser, and the load bearing effect is also slightly inferior. 3. It is suitable for people with different styles of front buckle underwear, because it is convenient and comfortable to put on and take off, it is more suitable for lazy girls, and although the load-bearing capacity of front buckle underwear is average, the gathering effect is very good. Therefore, girls with smaller breasts will wear it very well. Suitable, but it is not recommended to choose front button underwear for girls with big breasts, because poor weight bearing is more likely to cause sagging and breast expansion, so girls with big breasts are better to choose back button underwear honestly.
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