What is the difference between sewn underwear and sewn underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-21
At present, women's underwear on the market is divided into seam underwear and seam underwear, so what is the difference between underwear and seam underwear? Why do modern people wear underwear so popular? The following bra manufacturers talk about the difference between underwear and sewn underwear. First of all, sewn underwear will be unsatisfactory if you wear it for a long time. This point is also well understood. Since the stitched underwear uses traditional craftsmanship, the knitted fabric is cut through the process of sewing and then sewing, so the garment must have two or more stitches. After wearing for a long time, the skin will be sewn. Le traces; Moreover, due to the constraints of processing technology, the elasticity of the selected material is not good enough, and it cannot fit the body, and it will become larger after wearing it for a long time. For underwear, the yarn is directly sent to the finished garment, which is formed at one time without side seams. The continuous weft-knitting fiber weaving process does not need to go through the sewing process. The elasticity can be manipulated better, because there is no seam, and it is worn. Fits more comfortably on the body. In recent years, underwear has become increasingly popular among young people, especially female friends who like to exercise. Because the underwear has good elasticity, it can be worn comfortably on the body, and can play a role in shaping and beautifying the body. Some people may say that clothes made with sewn underwear are more flexible. In fact, it is not the case. With the further automation and intelligent upgrading of underwear knitting, the prevailing underwear can now be woven with multiple organizational structures at one time, which is truly 'heavenly clothing'! The production cost of underwear is lower than that of seam underwear. Because the underwear uses an automatic intelligent knitting machine, which is fully automatic one-time forming and computer controlled, the power is higher and the cost is lower. Nowadays, many underwears use a variety of fibers for blending, which is beautiful, durable and washable, and not easily deformed.
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