What is the difference between private custom underwear and ordinary underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-25
As women’s daily clothing, it is not only a close-fitting garment, but also a tool for women to create a perfect figure. The reason why more and more women are choosing underwear for private customization is also because it can customize a piece of underwear of their own according to your body shape, instead of being as popular as ordinary underwear, and functional underwear can also shape the body. It kills two birds with one stone. So what is the difference between functional underwear customization and ordinary underwear? First of all, the difference between the cup shape. The functional underwear customization is tailored to the size of the cup shape by measuring, which perfectly fits the female body, and most of the ordinary underwear It is only a visual measurement when you buy it. It is difficult to choose the one that suits you. The other is the structural design. The custom-made functional underwear uses wider shoulder straps. I don't want ordinary underwear to use thin shoulder straps, which leads to red marks on the shoulders after wearing it for a long time. The second is the design of the back. The U-shaped design is used when customizing functional underwear. On the one hand, it can smooth the back fat and have the effect of beautiful back. On the other hand, it can avoid the sliding of the shoulder straps. The more important thing is the customized fabric material of functional underwear. The material requirements of ordinary underwear are very common. Normal cotton, yarn and other materials can be used to make, but functional underwear is different. It not only requires the fabric of underwear, It is also necessary to ensure its own elasticity, air permeability and other conditions.
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