What is the difference between girl underwear and adult underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-12-03
1. The difference in fabrics.   One of the big differences between adult underwear and girl underwear is the underwear material. Because the girl’s skin is extremely delicate and needs to be carefully cared for, and it needs to have good moisture absorption and breathability, it can be said that the material of the girl’s underwear is very simple. The limitations are greater.  The adult underwear is different. The materials used are more extensive. There are not only pure cotton materials, but also lace, mesh fabrics, modal fabrics, etc., a variety of fabrics to meet different needs.  2. Design styles of underwear  The general styles of girls' underwear are relatively simple, light and thin, and different underwears are made for different girls' development. Because girls are in the developmental stage, they must have enough room for growth in their breasts, so girls seldom use steel rims in their underwear. So as not to affect breast development. 3. Underwear color Girls’ innocent and cute personality needs to be matched with fashionable and beautiful light colors. Soft colors such as pink, sky blue, and milky white are the love of girls’ underwear, and small flowers, small cakes, lace, etc. are full of childish romance. The pattern design is very popular among girls.   In addition to the sweet and cute series of adult underwear, many of them are more mature in design, such as passionate red, sexy black, elegant purple, etc., and the exquisite embroidery reveals femininity.   It can be seen that there is a big difference between girls’ underwear and adult underwear. If you want to take good care of your breasts, you should start when you are a girl. Don't feel that you are just growing up and refuse to wear a bra because you are shy or afraid of trouble. When breasts develop, especially 15-16 years old, it is a good time for breasts to be shaped. Girls should choose professional girly underwear to take good care of their breasts so that they can bloom like flowers.
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