What is the difference between body shaping underwear and ordinary underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-15
After understanding the concept, principle and classification of body underwear, we must have a basic understanding of body underwear. So what are the characteristics of body underwear? What is the difference between it and ordinary underwear? What is the way to distinguish them? With so many questions, we continue to seek the opinions of custom bodywear manufacturers. The appearance of Bodysuit has subverted women's concept of beauty. promotes healthy and fashionable beauty, so women's beauty appears naturally and generously. Camisoles, vests, bras, and European-style bras are all called ordinary underwear. They can only use shyness to hide the ugliness and keep warm, without the effect of styling curves. Body-fitting underwear combines ergonomics, ergonomics, textiles, modern computer technology, through scientific cutting design, to produce healthy and environmentally friendly underwear. Generally, there are adjustable bras, shorts, five-minute trousers, long bundled trousers, back clips, long-sleeved back clips, full waist, jumpsuits, etc. From fabrics, design to principles, beautiful underwear is much better than ordinary underwear. is the most exciting thing that is truly tailored. It is not a measurement code or a setting code, so it is more accurate to measure the body underwear. After the location, it must be able to repair the curve, it is difficult to shape or not shape. 'According to customers and markets, choosing fabrics, laces, decorations, styles, colors and other details are more in line with their own characteristics, creating a unique status symbol for customers. Beauty underwear has'uniqueness', while ordinary underwear is only'universal'. Therefore, China faces tens of thousands of body underwear demand markets. Beauty underwear will replace ordinary traditional underwear and become the most popular trend in women's consumption. Body shaping underwear. is a healthy and environmentally friendly underwear made through scientific and scientific cutting design based on ergonomics, ergonomics, textiles, and modern computer technology. It is suitable for women to wear underwear for a long time. Generally, there are adjustable bras, shorts, and five-point pants. , Trousers, waist clip, long-sleeved waist clip, full waist, jumpsuit, etc. can guide the growth direction of fat, return the lost fat, strengthen the effect of sweating and massage, promote blood circulation, activate fat cells, help lymphatic detoxification, burn, decompose and disappear fat, and wear fat in the body for a long time. , Distribute fat evenly according to the golden ratio of beautifying the body, and repair the deformed shape according to the standard. In order to achieve the effect of reshaping the charming BWH curve and maintain a beautiful figure. Ordinary underwear Ordinary underwear, such as camisole, vest, bra, and European-style bra are called ordinary underwear, which can only be used to conceal the ugliness and keep warm, without a shape curve.
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