What is the correct way to wear shapewear?

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-13
Many people have very limited understanding of body underwear customization manufacturers, but today we first put down this and the micro-breast adjustment clothing shapewear tailoring, Bodysuit customization manufacturers, underwear brands and other issues, and Ladymate clothing-underwear customization Let the manufacturers take a look at 'Why the correct way to wear shapewear is to lose weight first to thin the chestLadies love beauty and love shapewear for many reasons: 1. The hot summer is coming when you can lose weight without dieting and exercise. It is a dream shared by all women to show off beautiful and proud curves. But not all women are naturally beautiful and have an S-shaped plump body, so most women will find ways to lose weight. Traditional weight loss methods, such as diet exercises, etc., not only take a long time to produce results, but also work harder. So shapewear becomes a good way to quickly sculpt your body shape. 2. Show a beautiful body curve. With age, coupled with the effect of gravity, some women's breasts are gradually drooping, even if they are thin and thin, they have a small belly; in addition, some women are easy to cause hunchback due to problems such as daily life habits. , Flat chest, prominent appetite, bucket waist, fat buttocks, flat buttocks, thick thighs, carrot legs and so on. At this time, the shapewear can help easily. It can transfer the fat on the back, shoulders, underarms, and buttocks to make the figure straight and straight, thereby shaping a beautiful body shape and giving you a moving curve. Although the effect of shapewear is good, experts say that not everyone can wear shapewear, and in the process of wearing shapewear, carelessness can easily cause harm to women's bodies, especially shapewear underwear. 1. It is easy to cause constipation. Because the shapewear tightly wraps the abdomen, the kidney, spleen, liver, stomach, intestine and other organs in the abdominal cavity are compressed. System function is weakened, Z eventually causes constipation. Clinically, it is also common for patients with long-term waist girdle to cause hemorrhoids. 2. Damage to female reproductive health According to expert research, 60% of gynecological diseases are related to wearing shapewear. Because the tight underwear of the shapewear will accumulate secretions in the genitals, which cannot be distributed in a humid environment, the bacteria multiply faster and stimulate the vulva to cause vulvitis, and retrograde infection can induce vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, urinary tract infection and so on. In addition, tightly tying the body shaper will also directly affect the blood circulation system. Poor pelvic blood circulation can cause irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pelvic congestion and uterine dysplasia. In severe cases, it can cause infertility. 3. The design of the shapewear that affects breast development needs to be close to the skin of the body, so it will restrict the body to a certain extent, directly compress the breast, and cause blood stasis in the lower part of the breast to cause breast swelling and pain. This has a greater impact on young girls at the developmental stage of adolescence and directly affects breast development. 4. Affect the respiratory system. According to research, wearing a tight body shaper will affect people's breathing, restrain the chest and cannot fully expand, and the lung tissues cannot be fully stretched due to microcirculation obstacles. The amount of inhaled air is reduced, which hinders the body's oxygen supply. Prone to cerebral hypoxia, symptoms such as head and upper limbs aches, dizziness, nausea, chest tightness and discomfort. There are good and bad shapewear, but women still don’t want to abandon it. So how do you wear shapewear correctly? Choose a shapewear, which must fit your body, have good air permeability, and don’t wear it for a long time. If you have a heart disease, Shapewear is not suitable for asthma and other diseases, and women with sensitive skin should choose it carefully. If you feel unwell, you must stop as soon as possible and go to the hospital for a formal examination. Some rumors about body shaping clothes are wrong: 1. Rumors in the world: the tighter the tightening, the better the effect is wrong! Many people think that the tighter the body shaping clothes will be better. In fact, it’s not a good idea to wear clothes that fit well. Otherwise, you must also ask professionals to design the dressing plan on your behalf. If the bra is tightened too tightly, the breasts will be deformed, the upper body will make it difficult to breathe and cause various problems. 2. Rumors in the world: Shapewear must be able to lose weight wrong! According to the principle of shapewear, shapewear uses fat to make the body shape perfect. Long-term body shape will be well improved. At the same time, because the body shaper has a binding effect on the body, it helps you control your appetite and achieve the effect of slimming. But it’s not a slimming suit, and I still can’t lose weight after eating and drinking. Remember, body sculpting is just a perfect body shape to aid weight loss. 3. Rumors in the world: It is normal and wrong to be strangled by body shaping clothes! Some women will feel very painful in the waist or chest when wearing shape clothes, thinking that this is normal and can consume fat. In fact, this is wrong, and strangulation is It should never happen correctly, the correct way to wear shapewear is too tight will affect blood circulation. So you can't be greedy when buying shapewear.
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