What is the correct way to store underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-27
Underwear has a lifespan. If you want to extend the life of underwear, you must not only choose the correct way to clean the underwear, but also know the correct way to store the underwear. Let's follow to understand the correct storage method of underwear. Overlap the left and right cups, tie the shoulder straps, and place them in a cabinet or storage box with the front face up, which is not only easy to take out but also saves space. Or put the shoulder strap on the arm on the cup, so that it can not only prevent the shoulder strap from slack but also not make it messy. After the underwear is cleaned, find a clean hanger to support it, and then put it in the cabinet for storage, so that it is more convenient to take it out and wear it. If you feel that the shoulder straps on the underwear hinder your storage, you can remove them completely, which saves space, and you can install them when you want to wear them. One thing to pay attention to, underwear is best not to be placed with other clothes, otherwise it will breed bacteria, even if it is cleaned. Because clothes such as coats have to be changed back and forth, sometimes they will look for clothes for a long time, so it is very inconvenient to put them together with underwear. When storing underwear, be sure to dry it. Don't put it in when the clothes are still damp. This will make the clothes moldy and produce peculiar smells. If the air is not circulating, other clothes will also be contaminated with bacteria. Therefore, some mothballs must be placed in the closet for storing underwear, so as to ensure the elasticity of the clothes. If the underwear is folded excessively in half, the cup will dent, which is not conducive to maintaining the overall shape of the underwear, and it looks very unbeautiful, so it is good to lay it flat. If you think you have too much underwear, then buy a special storage box!
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