What is body management?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-06
What is body management? It is the management of women's measurement (bust/waist/hip), as well as the management of fat, muscle and bone. We are accustomed to skin management and health management, but often neglect body management, resulting in fat loss, displacement, collapse, muscle relaxation, spinal deformation, which affects our health and temperament. A good figure starts with the management of muscle, fat and bones! picture. There are no natural hangers in this world, and almost everyone will have physical troubles. Plump, bloated, thin, flat people need external adjustment. Furthermore, our bodies are affected by factors such as aging muscle tissue, gravity, and more. Elastic fatigue and sagging occur with age. The most obvious changes are the sagging of the chest, chest and buttocks, and the sagging of the waist and abdominal muscles; among them, the female breasts are the most serious (about 20 degrees per decade on average). Therefore, women must do body management! Many women are willing to spend a lot of money to decorate their house and maintain their car every year, but they are not willing to spend money on body management! In fact, no matter how well decorated your home is, how many people can see it? Instead, you're going out every day, and just like your car, you need a good-looking look. You say that you don't manage your body well, and you show others a fat, flabby, bloated, and drooping body. Even if you are rich, you cannot show your noble temperament. Even if you wear gorgeous and beautiful clothes, you can't wear the beauty of clothes, but a good figure can earn you the respect of more people.
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