What industry background knowledge do you need to know about underwear private customization?

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-31
Why do we need to customize clothing and underwear privately? We can tell the designer what we really need according to our different needs, so many ready-made clothes and so many purchase channels, why do we have to guide customers to customize? What is the significance of developing the clothing customization industry? Should we work on the material level or the spiritual level? First of all, clothing customization has levels, and people in the clothing customization industry and consumers of clothing customization must understand. Now the clothing customization is divided into: fit and beauty. Fit, this is the lowest level, the most basic needs. The ready-to-wear can basically be 'fit'. It is difficult to meet the fit of special-shaped garments and can only be customized. This is the initial demand for customization and the basic requirement for modern customization. 'Beauty' is a higher level. Everyone has the love of beauty, and the beauty of the image makes oneself and others happy. When the standard of living reaches a certain level, the demand for clothing 'beauty' will naturally arise. Underwear can be designed for 'beautyBut this 'body' of ready-to-wear beauties is an uncertain 'group' that cannot meet the needs of 'individualized beautiesNow the communication within the customization industry is basically discussing the layout, craftsmanship, etc. at the level of 'fitting and beautifying the body'. Many people are full of clothes that can 'beautify the bodyWhere is the problem. Ordinarily, since there are 'beautiful clothes' in the closet, just pull out one. In fact, it is not the case, as people in our society have their own social identity. Human society has always had rules for dressing. Different times, different places, different occasions, and different identities must pay attention to the rules of dressing. Why are there dress rules for clothing? Because clothing is not a simple commodity, it not only has commodity attributes, but also has its social attributes. It is a carrier for inheriting culture and civilization. Why did the ancestors put 'clothing' in the first place in the ranking of 'clothing, food, housing and transportation'? This is the truth. The writer Mo Yan went to Sweden to receive the Nobel Prize. Why did he have to wear a tuxedo? The dress code dictates. What will happen if you don't wear a tuxedo? Inappropriate, unable to enter the venue. Only 4% of people in the People's Daily Online questionnaire about Mo Yan's award-winning dress thought that they should wear a tuxedo. Why? Because the vast majority of Chinese netizens do not understand the rules of suits. You must wear a wedding gown when you get married. Why? Because of the rules of etiquette. Friends and relatives attending the wedding also because of the rules of etiquette, wearing a dress is a respect for the newlyweds, a respect for the ceremony, and respect for other participants. If you wear casual clothes, it must be inappropriate. For Westerners, suits cannot be worn wrongly, and they have developed a habit since childhood out of common sense. The Japanese can't wear it wrong, because the TPO rules are summarized into a system by the Japanese, and the Japanese have also formed a habit after many generations. The Chinese are still at the level of professional knowledge about clothing, and there is still a long way to go from the level of common sense. How can the person who wears know that he is dressed appropriately? No one told him? There are basically no rules for designing Chinese costumes, so some parents exclaimed, how do school uniforms make our children 'rascals'! If everyone has to prepare some decent etiquette clothing in their wardrobe, this will obviously become a rigid demand for customization.
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