What details should women pay attention to when choosing underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-31
Nowadays, with the increase in online shopping, many women are beginning to buy their own underwear online. But because of this, most women think that the model looks good, and I should also be suitable. In fact, buying it back is generally inconsistent with your actual figure and cup. The following bra manufacturers summarize some details that should be paid attention to when choosing underwear. 1. Do you wear a piece of underwear to its full responsibility? You wear it everywhere. It is recommended that different underwear should be selected on different occasions, because this can protect our breasts from being restricted. 2. Do you always feel uncomfortable wearing the underwear you just bought? You don't need to worry here, it is normal, because the main function of underwear is to support our own breasts, so it must be close to our body. Generally speaking, the tightness of the aspiration is that the distance between the back and the underwear directly does not exceed the space between the two fingers. 3. How to store so many underwears? For some women friends who have more underwear, more underwear may not be placed locally when they are too long. How to place it correctly? During the placement process, try to buckle the back hooks of the underwear to save space and leave room for other clothes. 4. How many sets of underwear should be prepared for replacement? It is recommended that about 3~4 sets are sufficient. In fact, the truth is very simple. Just like underwear, personal clothing needs to be replaced. Just prepare some spares.
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