What are the real effects of shapewear? Who should wear shapewear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-01
Today, Ladymate wants to reveal the true colors of the shapewear for everyone. You will have seen such a shapewear advertising campaign: the zipper of the shapewear goes all the way up from the middle to the low end, and the white flesh disappears! Comparing front and back left and right, it seems that a female model has been changed. Is wearing shapewear harmful to the body? If the shapewear is made of fake and inferior fabrics, it will cause allergies. If the specifications and styles are not correct, resulting in a tight fit, it will cause discomfort to the body due to being oppressed. If it is worn for a long time, it will continue to have negative effects on the body and human organs, resulting in obstructed circulation of blood products and poor basal metabolism. However, if you choose the right choice, shapewear has only benefits and no harm. Who should wear shapewear? Shapewear is called a 'body manager'. Its most critical function is to manage flesh and blood and reconstruct the body curve diagram, rather than 'shrinking' a fat man into a firm fat man. The most suitable people who wear shapewear and can achieve practical results should be: the original type is very good, the fattening in a short period of time, the child is in desperate need to restore the shape of the pregnant woman, who has requirements for shaping and losing weight, and wants to prevent the shape from losing shape. The true effect of shapewear for people 1. Shaping: The most critical effect of shapewear is naturally shaping, especially the effect on the abdomen is more obvious, for the actual effect of fusion, there are also some, but it is certainly not so exaggerated. 2. Remind yourself to pay attention to your posture. Nowadays, modern people often use mobile phones and sit in front of computers for a long time, and more or less have their necks tilted forward or sitting incorrectly. Thousands of girls, well-faced, were ruined by a gesture. The existence of shapewear can correct posture, correct bad habits, and make the aura and body stronger. 3. The weight loss of the appetite control body shaper is actually based on the control of appetite. The girls all have work experience. Before going to eat Mala Tang, they will definitely change into looser clothes. Tight-fitting clothing will suppress people's appetite, and the proper tightness of shapewear will naturally reduce your appetite. No longer overeating and drinking, of course, it is easier to lose weight. At present, there are indeed many brands of shapewear on the market, and the quality is also uneven, but a good shapewear must have the following three characteristics: high elasticity and breathability fabrics. The shapewear of Ladymate apparel is made of high elasticity. , A fabric with high resilience and breathability. It is adequately shaped but not easy to overstretch, and has a certain degree of comfort, so that you can wear your clothes in daily life and work. The cutting of ergonomic structure is the first, and the design of tailoring should have the characteristics of ergonomic structure to allow fat to flow into suitable parts properly. For example, the abdomen of the shapewear has been tailored and uniquely solved, and it can have the effect of tightening the waist and reducing the abdomen as soon as possible. After reading the 4 true features of the shapewear, you should be clear: it is impossible to hope that you will lose 20 catties when you wear the shapewear. Shapewear is a body manager, not a meat press. You must choose a method of physical and mental health to lose weight. Lightweight shapewear that combines comfort and slimming practical effects is suitable for long-term clothing. You can lose weight and improve your body shape in the spring, autumn and winter seasons. After that, you can show your wishful posture in the summer!
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