What are the points to pay attention to when choosing breastfeeding underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-15
The fabric of breastfeeding underwear should be made of cotton knit, so that the fabric will not be too hard to prevent breasts. After giving birth to the baby, mothers should wear soft cloth clothes instead of chemical fiber and rough clothes, and at the same time prevent bad irritation to the nipples. Mothers should also pay attention to choosing materials that are not dyed to ensure that they are harmless to the skin and will not affect the health of the baby. In addition, what points should be paid attention to when choosing breastfeeding underwear? Ladymate underwear manufacturers talk about it. The size of the cup should be a full cup that can hold the entire breast, because this can provide strong support to the breast and prevent the breast from sagging after breastfeeding. Front buckle Moms should choose breastfeeding underwear that buckles in the front, or the cup that can be opened, because it is not used to put on and take off the baby when breastfeeding, it is convenient, clean and concise. Shoulder straps should be wide When mothers choose breastfeeding underwear, they should also pay attention to the problem of shoulder straps. If the direction of the shoulder strap is vertical, it should be wider, so that even the fuller breasts will not make the mother feel shoulder pain.
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