What are the misunderstandings of body underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-07
Four major misunderstandings of Bodysuit wearing: The tighter the tighter, the better the effect. Many people think that the tighter the shapewear will have the better effect. In fact, the best way to wear clothes is to fit them. Otherwise, you must also ask professionals to design the dressing plan on your behalf. If the bra is tightened too tightly, the breasts will be deformed, the upper body will make it difficult to breathe and cause various problems. Some women will feel pain in the waist or chest when they wear shapewear. They think that this is normal and can consume fat. In fact, this is wrong. Strangulation should never happen. Too tight will affect blood circulation. So you can't be greedy when buying shapewear. Two: You can become thin and show beautiful curves without dieting, which is a dream shared by all women. But not all women are naturally beautiful and have an S-shaped plump body, so most women will find ways to lose weight. Traditional weight loss methods, such as diet exercises, etc., not only take a long time to produce results, but also work harder. So shapewear becomes a good way to quickly sculpt your body shape. According to the principle of the shapewear, the shapewear is made by pushing fat to perfect the body shape, and the body shape will be well improved by wearing it for a long time. At the same time, because the shapewear has a restraining effect on the body, it can help you control your appetite and achieve the effect of slimming. But it’s not a slimming suit, and I still can’t lose weight after eating and drinking. Remember, body sculpting is just a perfect body shape to aid weight loss. ?3: The longer you wear it, the better the effect. may not have much impact when squeezed for a short time, but long-term compression will have adverse consequences on the internal organs of the human body, prone to symptoms of poor blood circulation throughout the body and poor metabolism. . Experts recommend that you don't wear it for too long each time, generally don't wear it for more than 4 hours at a time, and you can't wear it every day. Four: The young body is also very good. Women who need to restore their body after giving birth, women with poor body proportions, such as women with flat breasts, sagging buttocks, thick thighs, and those who have local fat, which are difficult to reduce, indeed need more Wear shaping underwear. However, after the age of 25, women’s breasts will tend to sag. At this time, they should consciously delay the aging of the body.
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