What are the knowledge of the wear of underwear custom manufacturers

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-12
Nowadays, there are many styles of underwear, including wide straps, thin straps, large straps and vest styles. For young women, wearing a bra with a thinner strap will look slim and healthy; and for women after pregnancy, they should wear a bra with a wide strap and elastic, which is conducive to the development of the mammary glands of pregnant women and prepares for postpartum lactation; For primiparous women within one month after giving birth, they should wear a vest-style bra to facilitate breastfeeding in the 'confinement'; after the full moon, they should change to a bra with a wide strap, which can support the breasts and facilitate the continuation. Feed the baby. It seems that there is a lot of knowledge in the wear of custom underwear manufacturers. As the seasons change, underwear fabrics should be 'renewed' in a timely manner. Sweat a lot in summer, so you should wear a bra made of pure cotton, bleached cloth or poplin cloth. You can wear a bra made of polyester fabric in the spring and autumn. It is advisable to wear a thicker or sponge bra in winter. When sleeping, you should loosen the bra or take off the bra before going to sleep. This can prevent the chest from being continuously compressed and discomfort, and it is also conducive to night breathing and blood circulation. The use of sponge bras should also be tailored to the individual. If the breasts are not full, or the size of the left and right breasts is obviously asymmetrical, you can choose a spongy bra. The anti-aging agent and tapen fabric of bra sponge have a certain irritation to the skin. Therefore, women with allergic reactions or ruptured nipples should not be used. In addition, women with breast diseases such as mastitis should not use sponge or polyester bras.
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