What are the hazards of wearing underwear for a long time?

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-09
Women's body changes anytime and anywhere, especially the chest, which is very easy to change with the change of menstrual period and the adjustment of rest weight. Once the rest weight is removed, the bust size is also shrinking greatly. In addition, with the aging of the body, the underwear and panties bought two years ago are likely to be no longer suitable for the body of today, and improvised clothing always gives the body discomfort and pain, and is susceptible to breast disease.   Ladymate Shantou Underwear Factory Warmly reminds that wearing old underwear deforms, causing unreasonable bra wearing, which is very easy to deform the breast, and even cause breast disease and body shape deformation. With the change of age and weight, the body curve will also change. Shantou Underwear Factory--When underwear is no longer suitable, if you do not pay attention to clothing, it will cause body shape deformation. The negative effects of old underwear? 1. The cup is too small, the whole body muscle leaks. There is a basic theory about the size of the bra cup: big and not small, rather loose and not tight! This shows that if the cup selection becomes small, it will be very small. Dangerous, because it will compress the chest and cause poor circulation of tissue fluid, which is very easy to cause breast disease. In addition, if the cup is too small, the muscles of the whole body will overflow, causing auxiliary breast under the armpits, which not only affects the physical and mental health, but also affects the appearance. 2. The cup is large, causing the breast to deform. Although the cup is not easy to cause a great impact on physical and mental health, it is not good for women to create a breast curve. Generally, women recommend choosing one or two larger than themselves when choosing a bra One size bra can be worn during menstruation. If it is too large, it is very easy for the chest to become loose and deformed. 3. The bra strap is too tight and the thyroid strap is too tight. In addition to the shoulder discomfort caused by the meeting, it will also cause the bra to shift. Nowadays, the bottom of the bra is fixed with underwire, so if the bra is shifted, it will be hard. The underwire will oppress the thyroid organ. If the bra shifts under the condition of fitness exercises, the underwear must be adjusted immediately. 4. The bra is too tight, so that the flesh is caused. It is unnecessary to think that the tighter the bra, the higher the actual effect. Too tight a bra will cause poor blood circulation, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and air. ! The proper elasticity should be such that the straps, shoulder straps, and cups fit comfortably against the skin, and it is not easy to tightly pull the muscles of the whole body. The bottom of the bra should be in the same aspect ratio. 5. For those who wear it for more than 12 hours, the incidence of breast cancer can reach 75%. Except for those mentioned above, in addition to those who wear it for more than 12 hours a day, the incidence of breast cancer can reach 75%. Therefore, if you can avoid wearing a bra at home or in non-public places as much as possible, this is good for preventing breast cancer. Recently, the Shanghai Women's Gynecological Rehabilitation Committee released a new survey, data survey report, 79.3% of the women in the area are not suitable for wearing bras. The specific manifestations are: long-term wear, tight chest wraps, and failure to adjust. Statistics of clinical medical data also found that wearing a bra for more than 10 hours a day is very easy to get breast disease, and the probability is twice that of other people. In addition, if the bra is not suitable for wearing, the following health problems are likely to occur. 6. Wearing a bra is not suitable to affect lymphatic drainage. Many women move their breasts centrally during wearing, that is, move from outside to inside. As a result, the appearance of the breasts is beautiful, but it affects lymphatic drainage, slows down basic metabolism, and improves thyroid acinus. Toxins increase the probability of illness. 7. Wearing an unreasonable bra will cause insufficient blood supply to the breast. Unsuitable bras will cause breast pain: If a bra that is too tight is used for a long time, the position under the breast will cause poor blood supply, fibrosis, and process conditions. It produces cord-shaped hypertrophy, and it is painful to press lightly. 8. The actual effect of an unsuitable bra on the breasts. First, the milk ducts are blocked. Because the bra is close to the breast, the breast rubs the chemical fiber of the bra during the theme activity, so that the chemical fiber is kneaded into a cocoon and enters the milk duct. If things go on like this, the obstruction of the milk duct will not only affect future breastfeeding, but also cause breast-feeding mastitis. The second is that it is very easy to cause concave nipples. If you choose a bra that is shorter than the bust size, then the bra will firmly press the breasts, affecting the blood circulation of the breasts, and also compress the breasts to make them flat or even indented, which will also affect future breastfeeding. '
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