What are the differences in sports bras?

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-25
A suitable sports bra should provide comprehensive support and protection, and restrain the shaking of the breasts to the minimum. The following Ladymate underwear manufacturers say that a good sports bra should have the following characteristics: 1. Protective. Sports bras can limit the displacement of the breasts in all directions, not simply wrap the breasts roughly. , During exercise, under the protection of the sports bra, the relative displacement of the breast and the chest is greatly reduced, so as to avoid the excessive stretching and damage of the breast caused by severe shaking. 2. Comfort. The material should not be cotton, it should be made of quick-drying fabric that wicks away perspiration and breathability, and the stitching of the sports bra should be flat. 3. Suitable for sports. The shoulder straps should fit snugly and will not slip and rub against the skin during exercise. After wearing a sports bra, there should be no sense of restraint, especially on the movement of the arms and arms. Generally, the shoulder straps of sports bras are relatively thick, because too thin shoulder straps tend to draw marks on the bladder during intense running.
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