What are the advantages of custom underwear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-09
Underwear customization can reflect consumers' taste, strength and even status symbol, which is not satisfied by Haitao and ordinary brands. So the appeal of private booking is unquestionable. Customized shapewear? I feel that customers who order underwear privately should subdivide the level and then set the corresponding price. Even the middle class and above have many levels. It can be user-oriented or reverse-oriented. Don't be deceived by customers. Choosing private custom underwear is also a choice for some consumer groups to pursue differentiation. The differentiation of Haitao brands is getting smaller and smaller, which may not be able to satisfy some consumers. What we need to do is to make private customization more value for money, more personalized in design or more in line with the customer's temperament, better selection of materials, and better workmanship. I think it's the design itself that attracts people to buy personal orders. Although these people can buy branded things, they lack characteristics. Many people have their own opinions on design when buying clothes. For example, the waist is a little longer and the hem is a little longer. These places can only provide services through private orders.
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