Wearing shapewear is effective

by:LADYMATE     2022-07-28
When buying a shapewear, you need to know several sizes. One is the bust size, which is used to determine the size of the cup, which is commonly referred to as A, B, C, D cups, etc. The other is bust size, which determines the bust size of the underwear you wear, including your waist of course. When shopping for body sculpting pants, in addition to the waistline, you should also remove the hips. Be sure to do a fitting test when shopping, as your body can undergo subtle changes over time. There are a few things to pay attention to when trying on shapewear: 1. Whether the lower bust is tight, and whether the body is wearing horizontal clothing; 2. The front center should be able to accommodate the space that a finger can accommodate; 3. Whether the upper edge of the cup is too tight, Whether the cup size is appropriate; 4. Whether the rib side muscles are squeezed or protruding cups; 5. Whether the shoulder straps are appropriate; (6) Whether the back buckle is in the horizontal position under the shoulder blades When trying on shapewear, the following parts should be checked: 1. Whether the waist is appropriate; 2. Whether the waist compression is natural and appropriate; 3. Whether the crotch is comfortable or not; 4. Whether the buttocks line is satisfactory in the mirror; Is it consistent with the coat. Which body shaper pants should you choose for different hip shapes? Large buttocks should choose high-performance body sculpting pants with strong functions and great stretchability. Can't wear small body shaper pants, because fat is easy to appear. People with flat hips and thin people should wear lightweight performance pants or body-shaping pants with special processing on the sides of the hips, which can play a rounded role. Obese people must wear high-performance body shaper pants to enhance the shape of the buttocks. You can wear body-shaping trousers with a butt-lifting effect, which can improve the curve of the thighs and lift the sagging flesh upwards. Wear with hip pads or padded shapewear for a petite silhouette. It is best to wear a pair of shapewear pants that can modify the thighs for thick legs, and purchase the thigh size as the standard. D pants of different lengths also have different effects. High waist type: 125px higher than the waist, mainly used to trim the waist curve. Mid Waist, Standard Type: Underpants position for better tummy tuck. Ordinary type: 4~250px lower than the position of the underwear, and the buttocks are firm. Trousers tube type: It is about 17~475px lower than the underwear position, which has a significant effect on trimming the curve of the buttocks and thighs.
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