Wearing and buying skills of high-end shapewear

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-21
Everyone often sees in daily life: some women have a lot of fat on the waist despite the light weight, or have a pair of big thick legs with a slim upper body. Compared with simple fat reduction, shaping is a more complicated 'engineering project'. In the summer when there is nowhere to hide from falling flesh, Bodysuit is the most labor-saving and reasonable shaping weapon. Below, let us solve the basic principles of the wonderful shaping of the OEM underwear for all the beautiful and lovely fairies. OEM finished garment production, shapewear or FOB garment processing factory. Use the methods of contracting order information, producing and manufacturing finished products to be presented to the relative brand, or completely out of the port of finished products, etc. to produce and manufacture to investors. Still based on the scale of small and medium-sized business, the production line equipment needs to be powered on, cutting/cutting bed, private jet/loading at the end, etc., and 80,000 yuan is prepared in advance, and the production line needs to be purchased/cut in addition. Check the staff of relative units such as shirt ironing and packing. If the working capital of 20 employees is around 80,000 yuan, then the total must be up to 150,000 yuan in advance, and small and medium-sized garment processing factories can basically start operation. A garment processing factory for pure sewing and manufacturing can be opened for as little as 30,000 yuan. If you simply build a high-end corset processing factory, you only have to understand the sewing production process, and you can also connect the pieces to the nearby manufacturers that have outsourced processing. Everyone, there are some very small and medium-sized garment processing factories near Humen, Dongguan. Obesity is a major distress for women. In fact, for the Ladymate Apparel Co., Ltd.'s intelligent shaping slimming corset, body fat is a rare and valuable energy supply, because it can quickly dissolve unnecessary body fat in the waist and abdomen. Make part of unnecessary body fat flow to breasts and buttocks. The breasts and backs that are slack and deformed due to obesity are significantly improved, becoming more and more plump and rounded, so that women can once again get a uniform and healthy body shape. According to the oppression of the clothes and pants, the outer shape of the human body is changed. This is the basic principle of the simplicity of the corset. But understanding the basic principles at a glance does not mean that there are fewer problems. I often encounter questions about corsets in the background management. The key question is: Can a corset be shaped? The answer to the OEM of shapewear depends on which level you are asking-short-term or long-term? Sculpting in the short term is of course possible. Corset has been used by Western women to lower the hips by corsets hundreds of years ago. The picture shows the immediate effect of improving the body shape, highlighting the actual effect of the measurement comparison.
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