Underwear wear taboo: do not wear shapewear while sleeping

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-18
Customized Bodysuit appears more and more frequently in women's daily life, and every woman basically has a set of Bodysuit that belongs exclusively to her. At present, various types of shapewear have appeared on the market, combined with a variety of new technologies, prompting women to wear it to 'slim down immediatelyAlthough wearing body-fitting underwear is good for adjusting women's body shape, you should never use it as the main choice for weight loss, let alone long-term wear. Next, the bodywear OEM informed everyone of some of the taboos to wear in body-sculpting underwear. Not long ago, there were some names about breast hyperplasia caused by wearing body-sculpting underwear for a long time. Here, authoritative experts have also expressed that the cause of breast hyperplasia is mainly caused by endocrine disorders, most of them The disease is still more affected by marriage and childbirth, and there are many harms at the level of dietary matching. It cannot be confirmed that a certain factor is immediately caused. In addition, authoritative experts also strongly emphasize that do not wear body-sculpting underwear to sleep. Although body-sculpting is tailor-made, it is good, but the time of wearing is also very important. Since falling asleep is wearing body-sculpting underwear, the flow of breast blood products will not flow smoothly. Shun. In the case of choosing underwear, you must choose the body-building underwear customization, because the body-building underwear customization is tailor-made according to your own body shape.
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