Underwear processing technology, black magic technology, let fiber enter the era of magical technological revolution

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-10
One kind of technology makes magic become reality; one kind of technology, Shantou underwear factory makes health and comfort within reach. I listen to black technology every day, but I don’t know what the black technology really means? The following Ladymate underwear technology will explain to you those things about black technology! The term black technology originated from a movie 'All Metal FrenzyScience and technology or products within the reach of science and technology or knowledge that lack the current scientific basis and violate natural principles. Black technology has no scientific basis but is very powerful and bears the name of technology. It uses things like magic. Under normal circumstances, technologies or products that humans cannot achieve or cannot produce at present are collectively referred to as 'black technology.' Why do people in the industry call Ladymate underwear technology's bionic honeycomb technology as black technology? Ladymate underwear technology turns magic into reality, and bionic honeycomb technology turns a fiber into infinite possibilities. Ladymate underwear bionic honeycomb technology is a black technology. Through innovative technology, it reshapes, combs, and lays the order of fibers to show different shapes. The three-dimensional honeycomb structure allows the fiber and the fiber to support each other, the structure is very stable, thereby enhancing the fatigue of the fiber, and solving a series of problems such as poor rebound rate, poor compression resistance, and washing deformation. At the same time, the ventilated honeycomb structure will not feel stuffy in any environment, and it is refreshing and comfortable. As a pioneer in the industry, Ladymate Technology insists on innovative research and development, and is committed to bringing the most advanced technology and the best underwear processing products to your side.
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