Underwear processing quality Underwear manufacturer Ladymate Knitting believes that it should start from management

by:LADYMATE     2022-09-01
When it comes to the quality of underwear processing, I believe all underwear manufacturers know its importance. The quality of underwear processing directly affects its sales, so customers are also very concerned about the quality of underwear processing. At the same time, the quality of underwear processing also directly affects the brand of underwear manufacturers. Ladymate knitting has been a manufacturer of underwear for 17 years. The quality of Ladymate's knitted underwear has been well received by customers. So there is a question: Is the quality of underwear processing manufactured or tested? Underwear manufacturers often encounter such a phenomenon. Often a batch of underwear products are delivered to customers. After customers receive them, they report many problems to the factory. The factory organizes relevant personnel to hold meetings to discuss. The department did not do a good job, and the production department blamed the quality department for not checking it out. often unpleasant……Ladymate Knitting believes that the premise of strictly controlling the quality of underwear processing and making good products must be the quality, skills and management of the personnel who leave the factory. The most important thing is that the management of underwear manufacturers should be in place. In conjunction with strict quality control and inspection, only when it is delivered to the customer can it be a satisfactory product. So how should it be implemented? Ladymate Knitting believes that the following points should be done: 1. To improve employees' awareness, cognition is the key. If you want to improve the quality of underwear processing, you must first understand that high-quality underwear products must be made by workers. Then the workers of underwear manufacturers must have a good awareness and awareness, and ensure that the products in their hands are zero. question. Each process ensures that the product in question cannot flow to the next process. This requires that all underwear manufacturers have a unified ideology and cognition, truly regard the factory as their home, and regard product quality as their own honor. The management of underwear manufacturers must first have such awareness. 2. When processing each underwear product, there must be a process, and the standard is very important. In order to have good quality in underwear processing, after receiving an order, there must be a special process and standards in the proofing production process, so that employees can clearly know what to do in the process they are engaged in during the production and processing process. What is the standard to be achieved? The whole process should be very clear. What to do first, then what to do, the management of underwear manufacturers plays a very important role in this area, whether the process is reasonable, and whether there is room for optimization . 3. Management tracking should be in place. The key to the quality management of underwear processing is to minimize or even eliminate defective products. Managers should supervise and supervise relevant personnel from time to time. Quality management is all feasible methods for managers to achieve the goals set by manufacturers. Therefore, underwear processing wants good products, and the products that customers are satisfied with must be manufactured by underwear manufacturers, not detected. The clear cognition of the employees of the underwear factory, the timely guidance and supervision of the management. Formulate processes and standards, supervise and control the reprocessing quality department, and make underwear products that must be satisfied by customers. At the same time, the quality of underwear processing is good, and the number of defective products will naturally decrease. Good quality underwear products can also win the reputation of customers, and naturally can also win more orders for underwear manufacturers. Therefore, the factory has more production opportunities and employees. The income can also be well guaranteed, and the life will be more stable and beautiful. This is a virtuous circle.
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