Underwear processing How to effectively communicate with underwear manufacturers?

by:LADYMATE     2022-09-03
I believe that many people have gone through many detours in underwear processing. Ladymate knitting has been a manufacturer of underwear for 17 years. There are more than a thousand customers who cooperate with us. In the previous article, I also talked about how customers can find underwear manufacturers. , So how to find manufacturers to communicate effectively? One incident in the past two days has troubled the customer service staff of the underwear manufacturer. Last Monday, the customer was looking for the underwear manufacturer to find the supply. They have always had a deep understanding of each other through the phone and the Internet. The customer is responsible for finding the supply and the underwear in the chain store. I purchased it from the manufacturer, and now I find that the market for knitted underwear is very good. I plan to find a suitable underwear manufacturer with guaranteed quality and reasonable price. The customer explained some product requirements she needed at that time. Our customer service staff found a lot of styles of underwear and took pictures to the customer. The customer was very satisfied with it. At that time, the customer service staff sent samples. The customer service staff told the customer that samples need to be received first. A certain amount of money will be paid. When the customer takes it back and does not like it, the sample clothes will be returned, and the fee will be returned to the customer. The guests have been entangled in the issue of collecting payment first, saying that they cooperated with other manufacturers and sent samples for free from the factory.……The customer struggled for a long time. Later, the customer said that they would come to the underwear manufacturer in a few days to meet and communicate. The customer service staff readily agreed, and also gave the customer the opportunity to introduce her to meet and communicate with the proprietress of the underwear manufacturer. The customer was also very happy. After two or three days, after the customer came to the underwear manufacturer, he saw the actual scale of the underwear manufacturer. Then they will order according to these styles. The customer also came back. When we sent the text and pictures to the customer, the customer asked us to send the sample clothes together. We told her that the sample clothes need to be charged first. The customer was surprised and said that we all come to your underwear manufacturer. Now, why do you have to collect the money first? Look at this is invalid communication, and the two sides are unhappy with each other. Therefore, the two sides cooperate, the customer's underwear processing, and the underwear manufacturer, the manufacturer will repeatedly explain the cooperation method to the customer, and the customer should also express their understanding, not to mention this is a two-way win-win principle. This also reminds customers who are looking for underwear manufacturers that the early cooperation and communication process is very important, and customers should also be very clear about the cooperation methods of manufacturers. For a suitable underwear manufacturer, the follow-up is actually a process of negotiation between the two parties. The premise of cooperation between the two parties in the early stage can be negotiated with the relevant person in charge. Just like this customer, they clearly came to the underwear factory, and the customer service staff also told her that they could go to the store to have an interview with the boss, and the boss agreed to give the customer samples for free, no problem. However, they insisted on putting aside the opportunity to talk to the decision-making level and directly interviewed the customer service staff. Of course, the customer service staff could not meet the customer's request to select dozens of samples and send them to the customer completely free of charge. This is an ineffective communication. --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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