Underwear processing factory fast fashion underwear series

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-16
In the summer heat, the cool and thin clothes and pants have become the first choice for the beautiful young lady to go out, but if you don't pay attention to it, you will be embarrassed if you don't wear the right underwear. If you want to look good from the inside to the outside, the underwear manufacturer's fast fashion underwear series products are refreshing, sexy and charming, simple and comfortable. The basic design of simple and comfortable underwear is your best choice. .  Ladymate Apparel's fast-fashion underwear series products are comfortable and soft, and also create an excellent practical effect of clothing. Simple and shiny, deep V, beautiful back straps, a variety of fashion trends and wild elements together. 'Zero squeeze, zero complexity, zero thicknessThis kind of underwear has many advantages: wearing light, tight-fitting clothes and pants, it can be extremely invisible; one is not easy to show and embarrassing underwear outline, two inner chest pads are not easy to bump, and the color is versatile and comfortable , To match a variety of clothes with each other, comfortable enough to make you forget its existence. 01. Half-piece mould cup without steel ring 02, middle-thick breast mould cup without steel ring 03, thin mould cup with warm sunshine and fresh air, prepare the camera and its comfortable and casual underwear, so that you can enjoy In the right area, wearing the right clothes and pants, and the concave shape design, it is not clear that there is something that touches your favor?
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