Underwear processing directly to the source underwear manufacturer has so many advantages

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-31
In the era of poor information, underwear processing and underwear wholesale believe that many people will go to the exhibition to go to market manufacturers. In today's era of rapid development of Internet information, many customers find manufacturers through the Internet, but they are not the source underwear manufacturers. It is a middleman or a foreign trade company. So what is the difference between looking for a manufacturer through an intermediary and directly looking for a source manufacturer? 1. Let the profit to the customer, the price is lower. Wholesale underwear, processed underwear If you find underwear factories through middlemen or foreign trade companies, then these middlemen will draw a certain profit,“The wool comes from the sheep, so the price of the underwear that the customer gets drunk or the price for processing will be much higher than the price quoted by the factory. If you directly cooperate with the source underwear factory, the factory can transfer the profit of this department to the customer, so that the customer can benefit. Of course, a major advantage of these middlemen is that they have dealt with various underwear manufacturers for a long time, they are relatively familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each manufacturer's production, and they also understand the local underwear processing market. With the rapid development of Internet information, more and more underwear manufacturers have begun to access the Internet, so the space for intermediaries is getting smaller and smaller. Then when you are looking for a manufacturer, Ladymate Knitting suggests that you can investigate in many ways, and it is still necessary to go to the underwear manufacturer to understand the situation on the spot. 2. The quality of underwear is more guaranteed! Ladymate Knitting has also contacted many middlemen of foreign trade companies. In the process of dealing with these middlemen, I found that they are looking for underwear products or have orders for underwear processing. When they find cooperative underwear manufacturers, they only care about the price of underwear. Compare. Today, this underwear factory has a low price for this factory. Tomorrow, I ask another factory for a lower price, and then transfer it to another factory. Therefore, the quality of the underwear is uneven and cannot be guaranteed. 3. Find the source underwear manufacturer to cooperate and communicate more smoothly. Wholesale of underwear, underwear processing through intermediary foreign trade companies to find underwear manufacturers, customer requirements need to be communicated to manufacturers through intermediaries, many intermediaries are unstable, and newly recruited personnel also need a process of understanding the underwear business. When the customer communicates his request information to these middlemen, and then these middlemen communicate it to the underwear manufacturer, it is very easy to cause misunderstanding between them. Like Ladymate Knitting, a source manufacturer specializing in underwear for 17 years, an underwear manufacturer that provides customers with personalized goods on-demand services. It has its own exclusive designers, proofers, engineers and other professionalism and division of labor. In production and processing The underwear process will be very careful, every detail will be fully considered, and it is more convenient to communicate with customers directly if there is a problem. Indeed, with the further application of the Internet, going to China is an inevitable trend! Are you also looking for a source underwear manufacturer for underwear processing and underwear wholesale? Come and see Ladymate Knitting, a professional underwear manufacturer for 17 years, a real strength factory! () Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate Jinhua famous brand! --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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