Underwear OEM suggest girls with small breasts to wear non-marking underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-07
The breast is the most symbolic part of a woman, and the underwear is an object to better maintain and set off the breast. Recently, a kind of non-marking underwear appeared on the market, which is very popular. For some women with small breasts, I want to know if they are suitable to wear non-marking underwear, because choosing the content that suits them can also keep their breasts beautiful. So, can you wear small-breasted underwear without a logo? Many people feel that they are inappropriate or inappropriate. In fact, do you know what is suitable and inappropriate for you? No one should know 100%. We don't know how to choose underwear. We are not professional underwear consultants. Of course we don't know much about underwear, so we usually choose underwear to listen to. Listen to the suggestions of the underwear OEM factory, and whisper about the matching of seamless underwear styles. Wuhen underwear is not suitable for women who want to expand. Because Wuhen underwear itself is not plastic underwear, underwear is more suitable for girls with big breasts, but now there are thicker style underwear, so girls with small breasts can try it.
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