Underwear OEM: Beware of the dangers of inferior underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-08
Underwear OEM: Beware of the hazards of inferior underwear. Every woman has such a desire to become the most beautiful woman in the world. Just like when she was a child, she always fantasized about becoming Snow White or Cinderella in a fairy tale, beautiful waiting for the prince The advent. In real life, we may not be the 'most beautifulSexy and enchanting, pure loli, intellectual and elegant, punk personality, we use a variety of costumes, hairstyles and makeup to make ourselves into women of different styles. These images are only for appreciation and let others see us as us. Want what they see. However, before bathing, remove all the disguise, wash away the dust on your face, and quietly observe your body in front of the mirror, that is the truest self. On a beautiful woman, there must be a set of underwear that sets off her perfect figure. A set of high-quality underwear, not only comfortable to wear, but also to modify the figure. It perfectly caters to the needs of women. But what happens if female friends accidentally buy inferior underwear? The OEM underwear fabrics are not good enough: inferior fabrics are adulterated with a lot of toxic chemical components. Such fabrics will not only be uncomfortable to wear, but will also damage the skin and cause All kinds of discomfort, toxic fabrics are no less harmful to the human body than toxic foods. Long-term skin contact can cause dermatitis, eczema, and even serious liver damage. . The workmanship of OEM underwear is not good enough: According to a survey conducted by the National Life Center of Japan, the stitched parts of cheap underwear that cause rough skin and darken are relatively thick and rough, and it is very easy to rub the skin. Pulling open the suture of the commodity, you can find that some nylon thread ends are stretched out, and these thread ends are often in contact with the skin and cause continuous irritation to the skin. It is medically proven that if heavy and rough materials continue to rub against the skin, melanin deposits may appear in the rubbed part, that is, rubbing melanoma. Inexpensive and cheap underwear, even if it is not visible to the naked eye on the outside, there is a high possibility that harder thread will come out and rub the skin. The OEM design of underwear is not good enough: the underwear with design flaws does not fully cater to women's figure, long-term wearing causes the figure to go out of shape, causing the shoulders, back, and breasts to sag. According to relevant data, 70% of domestic women have sagging breasts because the bra design is too random, or they wear underwear products that are not conducive to body shaping. In terms of panties, the big and bloated briefs will make mm people protrude lower abdomen, sagging buttocks, and thicker thighs. Therefore, as a woman, you must cherish your figure and don't try to buy low-quality underwear cheaply. Money can buy a perfect body shape, as well as a distorted body shape. A set of high-quality Letelina underwear can protect women's body all the time, and the soft fabric protects women's softest skin.
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