Underwear manufacturers teach you how to dry underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-05
Below are the Shantou Ladymate underwear manufacturers, Shantou Ladymate sportswear manufacturers and Shantou Ladymate bra manufacturers to teach you how to dry your underwear.   1. After washing, gently squeeze it with your hands or wrap the underwear with a towel to absorb moisture, shake it a few times, flatten it, try to flatten the wrinkles, clamp the inflexible place with a clip, and hang it upside down. (The laces of the underwear will sink and pile up after being immersed in water. They are ugly after drying, so hang them upside down in a ventilated place to dry)    2. After washing, they should be dried immediately to avoid wrinkles in the wet condition for a long time. And fading 3. Direct sunlight is the cause of yellowing, fading of underwear, and weakening of fabrics. Indoor heating can also cause yellowing, please avoid it.
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