Underwear manufacturers improve production efficiency 5678 of 8 major problems

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-29
In today's increasingly fierce competition in the underwear production and processing industry, many underwear manufacturers are thinking about how to effectively improve production efficiency. In the previous article, one of the eight major problems of underwear manufacturers to improve production efficiency, Ladymate knitting has been specialized in knitting for 17 years. Underwear manufacturers proceed from reality and through their own practice, they first explain how underwear manufacturers can effectively improve production efficiency from four aspects. Today, we will explain the methods and points of attention for underwear manufacturers to improve production efficiency from another four aspects. 5. Performance and employee performance evaluation of underwear manufacturers. If underwear manufacturers want to survive and develop, they are naturally inseparable from sales performance and profits. So it is very important for underwear manufacturers to effectively carry out performance evaluation. This requires underwear manufacturers to learn from the performance appraisal practices of the same industry or other at the beginning, and then combine the actual development of their own underwear manufacturers to gradually improve the performance evaluation system of the employees of underwear manufacturers, mainly to affirm the achievements. Promote strengths, help companies identify and correct existing deficiencies, and set a plan to correct within a time limit. In reality, many underwear manufacturers and many people have a big pot of rice together, and many people will only talk and not do it. Active people are always busy. This is unfair to these people, so underwear manufacturers have a sound performance evaluation, and it is also a fair treatment for retaining hard-working people. 6. Knowing people and making good use of them is very important to the development of underwear manufacturers. Knowing people and making good use of these four words is easy to say, but it is very difficult to really want to do this. This is the relationship between Bole and Maxima. Underwear manufacturers should be very clear about the employees they recruit, who are responsible, and who are their working attitudes? Take the initiative to assume the responsibility of underwear manufacturers and care about the development of the factory, work hard, work hard, and unite and cooperate. must be avoided“The practice of cronyism will make many people abandon it. 7. Do what you say and do what you do, with a simple division of labor and management. Some underwear manufacturers are used to talking big words when they reach the top management. When there is a problem, find the responsible person to push each other. Simple things are very complicated to deal with. A small department often fails to work because of a certain person. For example, for a very simple matter, because a person in the department has a rest or a leave of absence, he needs to review or sign, and the result can only be stagnant and waiting. Its name is:“Follow the procedures, not in line with the company's regulations! The rapid development of underwear manufacturers is inseparable from talents and management. The simpler the management level, the more responsible persons are given sufficient management responsibilities. Making the management of underwear manufacturers easier and responsibilities clearer will naturally make the company go more smoothly. 8. Knowledge management and company culture of underwear manufacturers. The long-term development of an underwear manufacturer is inseparable from the support of corporate culture, which is the soul of a company. A good corporate culture is also the source of the core competence of underwear manufacturers. Creating an internal environment for underwear manufacturers to learn faster than others, cultivating employees of underwear manufacturers to grow rapidly, and continuously creating high-quality backup forces for underwear manufacturers are also the basic practices for underwear manufacturers to remain invincible forever. Therefore, we thought about it carefully. In fact, the biggest customer of an underwear manufacturer is its employees. The underwear products produced by employees are praised by customers, and employees attract customers. Good employees, excellent team and correct development strategy will make underwear manufacturers grow evergreen. --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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