Underwear manufacturer Ladymate knitting reminder: beware of 'low price trap'

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-30
Two days ago, I received an inquiry from a Hong Kong customer who needed to process some underwear. I was looking for an underwear manufacturer. I heard from a friend that the underwear production is very good. We found our Ladymate Knitting through the Internet, and we were satisfied with our underwear manufacturer customers in the previous communication. Because the price of underwear products was involved, the customer only sent some sample pictures. We found some similar styles of underwear to provide quotations from the customer. For reference, the customer was very surprised to say that her similar style has been made in Shantou underwear manufacturer for 10 years, and it has always been 3.5 yuan per piece, and the unit price is half lower than ours, but because of the style and quality, she could not be satisfied, so I heard from friends about underwear The manufacturer is very professional in processing underwear to find ours….. I also patiently explained to the customer that the products are not the same, the materials used and the quality requirements of the workmanship are different. The quotation of similar styles is just a price for your reference. Specifically, you must see your product, and after proofing, you can report the correct price to you. At the same time, I also tell you that nowadays people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, and only products with high cost performance can be marketed and loved by people. If you just pursue the price blindly, the source of customers can only be narrower and narrower, and underwear manufacturers cannot develop well. Indeed, with the rapid development of the Internet and the rise of Taobao and Wechat businesses, many people will fall into a low price trap. Many underwear manufacturers are also engaged in e-commerce online marketing, and some have opened Taobao stores or Tmall stores. In order to snatch resources, they offer low prices in the early stage to attract customers. Some underwear manufacturers even produce some low-quality underwear for online dumping. Some customers have always thought that if they find underwear manufacturers through the Internet, the price should be very low, but it is not. Anyone who has been to an underwear manufacturer will know the actual production of underwear processing. In fact, the cost of a women's underwear mainly includes fabric, lining, workmanship quality, knitting time, quantity, and subsequent processing. It has a lot to do with it. For high-end underwear processing, good fabrics are naturally selected, the workmanship is more detailed, and the cost is naturally higher. There is another important reason that cannot be ignored. That is the impact of the external environment. In the past two years, everyone has generally called underwear production, processing and production that it is not easy to do, and there are fewer orders. Some underwear manufacturers have to cut costs and lower unit prices to receive orders in order to produce, so underwear manufacturers will take a big risk. risks of. When the profit of underwear manufacturers is less than 5%, there may be losses. Take underwear processing as an example, we know that underwear is woven into a barrel shape from yarn, and then finished by dyeing, shrinking, post-cutting, sewing and other processes. Then there are many procedures in this process that are uncontrollable and require multiple experiments. If the profit is not well controlled, the underwear manufacturer will lose money. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of underwear, because when an underwear manufacturer has no profit, the turnover of workers in the underwear manufacturer is relatively large, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Talent is actually a major resource for underwear manufacturers. At the same time, for high-quality underwear, manufacturers are also very particular about the selection of materials. We also often find that when our Ladymate Knitting launches a hot-selling underwear in the market, many underwear manufacturers in the same industry will imitate our style and sell at the price. When we compared the underwear they produced, we found that first of all, the weight is not as good as ours. The lace and the like are also the ones that are relatively low in the market. Generally, wearing one or two pieces is basically useless. When many people are looking for underwear manufacturers, they will find some underwear that they want to process on Ali or Taobao to compare the price of the same style, and then when they find the manufacturer, they will say why the factory quotation is much higher than the price he sees online. . Regarding this point, Ladymate Knitting has also done some investigations, and many underwear products sold online are actually the products of some underwear manufacturers. Ladymate Knitting has been a manufacturer of underwear for 17 years, and often receives calls to close the goods. The unfinished goods are usually leftovers or defective products from some underwear manufacturers. They are sold to these customers who have finished the goods. These customers then sell them to some online agents at low prices, so generally you only need to sell a few products. You can see what's going on when you compare it. Therefore, when customers look for underwear manufacturers through the Internet, they should not only care about the price. First of all, they must understand your target price. When negotiating with underwear manufacturers, they should also be very clear about the quality, quantity, material, packaging, and delivery. Goods requirements, etc., can be proofed in the early stage. Necessary expenses are required, and at the same time, you can go to the underwear manufacturer for on-the-spot inspection and talk. This way you are more at ease! Ladymate Knitting has been a manufacturer of underwear for 17 years, and now it has also launched e-commerce network marketing. We, Ladymate Knitting, insist on using the Internet to publicize and promote our products and brands! Let customers in need easily find underwear manufacturers. We welcome customers to come to the factory to negotiate! ( ) --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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