Underwear factory reminds these 3 types of inferior women's underwear to be wary

by:LADYMATE     2022-09-06
Ladies underwear as MM's personal clothing has never been sloppy. A decent and high-quality women's underwear can not only bring out the charming temperament of MM, but also give MM wearing comfort. However, in the face of the dazzling variety of women's underwear on the market, how to distinguish their pros and cons? Underwear factory Ladymate Knitting has been a manufacturer of knitted women's underwear for 17 years, reminding you that these 3 types of inferior women's underwear must be careful. 1. The inferior fabrics of women's underwear are unqualified. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people have the opportunity to go abroad and have a look at the outside world. In foreign countries, women's underwear is an essential item for many MMs. So why do these people choose overseas shopping for women's underwear? In fact, a very important point is that some people are reluctant to believe in some domestic women's underwear brands. This is also with the past few years, some unscrupulous underwear manufacturers, in order to seize market orders, blindly rely on low prices to grab customers. After getting orders, for the interests of underwear manufacturers themselves, they will choose some inferior fabrics to produce and process women's underwear. Many of these women's underwear are doped with a large amount of chemical ingredients, which can easily cause discomfort to the human body and damage health. Therefore, many qualified MMs will choose to buy some foreign brand women's underwear from overseas. In fact, people who have stayed in underwear factories know that many foreign brands of women's underwear are made by some domestic underwear manufacturers, but people still believe it. Therefore, inferior women's underwear is the first to be harmed by some underwear produced and processed with inferior fabrics. 2. The workmanship of women's underwear is substandard. Because women's underwear is in direct and intimate contact with the skin of MM, some women's underwear with rough workmanship is easy to cause friction on the skin because of its poor workmanship, and will continue to stimulate the skin, resulting in melanin pigmentation on the skin. It is easy to find that the stitching of women's underwear is opened, and some stitches are exposed. Therefore, many MMs pay more and more attention to choosing some knitted women's underwear, which requires extremely high workmanship. As a kind of underwear category that has emerged in recent decades, underwear is more comfortable and elastic than traditional seamed underwear, and is very popular in developed foreign countries. 3. The inferior design of women's underwear is unreasonable. The design of women's underwear should cater to the body of normal women. If you want to truly cater to the body of the current MM, you need the underwear factory to have research and experimental data to prove it. In reality, many underwear factories do not have any data research to completely imitate some existing styles of ladies. underwear. Therefore, the styles and sizes of women's underwear popular in the market are not uniform. We know that an unreasonable design of women's underwear, MM long-term wear will lead to body shape, sagging breasts and other symptoms. Another example is some women's panties with hypertrophy and bloated briefs, which will make mm people's lower abdomen protrude, their hips sag, and their thighs become thicker. I believe MM has a deep understanding. Here, the underwear factory Ladymate Knitting also reminds you that MM must take good care of her figure, and buy women's underwear must meet their actual requirements. --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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