Underwear factory develops new women's underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-09-07
The development of new women's underwear and the release of new products will directly affect the sales of underwear factories in the coming year to a large extent. Therefore, powerful underwear factories pay great attention to the research and development investment of new products of women's underwear. So what is the basis for underwear factories to develop new styles of women's underwear? How can we guarantee that these styles will be popular in the coming year? The sustainable survival and development of an underwear factory is largely due to the underwear factory's recognition and preferential treatment of old customers, because the cost of maintaining an old customer is much lower than the cost of developing a new customer for the underwear factory. . So to maintain the old customers, in addition to good delivery time and preferential price, a very important point is to have constant new products suitable for customers, so as to save customers the trouble of finding samples and developing new ones. Underwear factories who want to develop new styles usually go to the market to learn about the current popular and hot-selling women's underwear styles, or the new trends of women's underwear in the international market. But do these women's underwear styles fit the customer's needs? Not necessarily. Today, an old Shanxi customer who cooperated with the underwear factory Ladymate Knitting called and told us about the popular women's underwear styles she had learned in the local area, and gave us good suggestions, so that we could develop some new styles. Mode. She also told us that the women's underwear we supply will be more popular with some details plus the details of other styles she sees in the market. For example, she mentioned one of our leggings, which is very comfortable to wear and has a very good thermal insulation effect. However, the style is relatively too simple and the sense of fashion is not enough. The popular leggings in the market only make some improvements on the trousers. With some fashionable plain lace, we put it on and sat down, and the exposed fashionable lace felt very unusual. Through such a small customer telling us a detail of the underwear factory, we can see what the customer really needs. This information is fed back to the design and development department of the underwear factory, and even the proprietress is informed. Is it targeted and purposeful to develop a style that a new customer needs, and because when customers sell our products, they also deal directly with consumers and directly understand the sales of their peers in the market, so this information is very important for underwear. How important is the development of a new factory model? This is why some underwear factories developed women's underwear styles that no one cares about. Once the styles developed by some underwear factories are put on the market, they immediately attract fire and rush. The reason is that the R&D teams of some underwear factories are seriously out of touch with the market and customers, and they only develop some styles with one heart and one mind. The reason why some underwear factories' new models are recognized by the market and imitated by their peers is largely due to the very good viscosity between underwear factories and old customers. In addition to business cooperation with some old customers, more Just like friends, like family members, we truly recognize the customers' concerns and put them into practical actions. Just like the underwear factory Ladymate Knitting, a manufacturer specializing in underwear for 17 years, it maintains an excellent viscosity with customers. Therefore, if the underwear factory can properly collect and re-understand the feedback from customers, whether it is women's underwear style development, quality improvement or service ability improvement, listen to the opinions of customers. I believe that your women's underwear products will not worry about selling and customers. source! Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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